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Oscar 2014: Children Uniting Nations Academy Awards Viewing Gala and Fundraiser

March 5th, 2014 · 1 Comment


By  Geoffrey Maingart


Beverly Hills,CA(Hollywood Today)3/5/14/–One of the largest private Oscar viewing parties and fundraisers took place in Beverly Hills to raise money for a very important organization for foster children, Children Uniting Nations.  The setting was behind the estate of Daphna Ziman and included a Red Carpet entrance for the many celebrities and industry notables.  This was originally the Warner Brothers Estate and a part of Hollywood history.

 After the press line one entered the garden where tents were set up for a gala viewing and dinner.  An auction was also held through the Oscar show to raise money for the charity.  Artworks, vacation packages, rare signed sports and Hollywood memorabilia, gift baskets and collectibles were auctioned of.  Among the celebrities were Mike Tyson, Jeff Goldblum, Chaka Khan, Eric Roberts, Bai Ling, Viveca A Fox, Fabio, Joe Smith (NBA) and too many others.  After the dinner the band and musician guests entertained for hours at the after party as more arrived after the broadcast.  The atmosphere from beginning to end was fabulous.  Viewing screens were set up throughout the dinner tent and the many unique drinks and appetizers were served throughout the evening.

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Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom Luncheon March 8th

March 5th, 2014 · 1 Comment




Beata Pozniak honored

by Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom

on International Women’s Day Luncheon March 8th

By Maureen McCabe


Los Angeles,CA(Hollywood Today)3/5/14/–This Saturday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, and the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom is celebrating by hosting their annual Women’s Day Luncheon at Taix French Restaurant (1911 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca 90026, near Alvarado) at 11:30.  Speakers and honorees will include Mimi Kennedy, Lila Garrett and Beata Pozniak.

 International Women’s Day has been observed around the world for over a hundred years.  Originally conceived to aid the women’s suffrage movement and to raise awareness of women’s struggles for equality, it is now celebrated in most developed countries as a means to inspire women and recognize their achievements, as well as throw light on human rights violations and health issues that particularly impact women, both on a local and global scale.

Here in the U.S. Women’s Day was virtually unknown until Beata Pozniak moved to US from Poland in 1985 to further her acting career. Surprised that the day wasn’t honored, she lobbied for and eventually received proclamations from then-Mayor Tom Bradley and Governor Pete Wilson. Working with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, she spearheaded introduction of the first bill (H.J. Res. 316) in the history of the U.S. Congress to recognize International Women’s Day in the United States.  The Los Angeles Times hailed her for “taking up the banner for women everywhere” with her tireless efforts.  I http://articles.latimes.com/1996-03-08/news/ls-44342_1_international-women-s-day In addition to being a human rights activist, Beata is an accomplished actor, appearing in many film and television projects worldwide (Oliver Stone’s JFK, Babylon 5, Melrose Place, as well as…. playing the first female President of the world on “Babylon 5”).

Nalini Lasiewicz, of the Lasiewicz Foundation, which provides public relations, technical and organizational assistance to a wide range of local and international charitable causes, is a supporter of Women’s Day USA. This year, she suggested to have Beata Pozniak recognized during this year’s WILPF- Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom annual International Women’s Day luncheon in honor of her many achievements.
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Santa Monica Restaurant, Upper West Celebrates artist Vicki McClay

March 5th, 2014 · No Comments


By Henry K. Long

Santa Monica,CA(Hollywood Today)3/5/15/–Santa Monica restaurant, Upper West welcomes artist Vicki McClay with an opening reception Sunday March 9th. An advocate of art, at any day of the week, you can walk into Upper West to find the walls filled with art. On March 9th, Vicki McClay takes her turn.

 The artist was first introduced to the restaurant when she attended an opening reception at the restaurant for her friend. She explains, “I met the owners through an artist friend, Imelda Healy, when she showed her work at Upper West last year.” She admitted she enjoyed the opening. “I think the dining area is a beautiful and unique space.  It lends itself to showing work so well, very open and expansive walls.  I find it so encouraging that Upper West has created a venue to showcase art within the community. The shows I’ve seen at Upper West are always curated well and there is so much care and thought put into the display of the work.”

 Gino Paino curates many of the shows at Upper West. He runs a small viewing Gallery at the Shore Hotel. “Vicki’s Art strongly resembles the gliding and fluid brushes of Asian calligraphy,” says Paino. “She is an accomplished colorist capable of creating three-dimensional spaces with few strokes. She is capable to produce abstract paintings that evoke vast and glowing landscapes when in reality they are long intertwine layers of paint that create sub real horizons, where the observer can project its own dreams and fantasies.”

 McClay currently lives in Santa Monica with her husband and child. Like most artists, her journey began as a child. “I was interested in art from an early age.  I took my first art classes at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center while in I was still in high school.”

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The 2014 Independent Spirit Awards

March 4th, 2014 · No Comments

“Glee” star Jane Lynch broke her juice cleanse while eating Breyers Gelato Indulgences and Sabra hummus backstage at the Spirit Awards on Saturday.

“Glee” star Jane Lynch broke her juice cleanse while eating Breyers Gelato Indulgences and Sabra hummus backstage at the Spirit Awards on Saturday.

By Valerie Milano
Santa Monica, CA (Hollywood Today) 3/4/14 -  Held on the Saturday before the Oscars (March 1) in the traditional tent on the beach in Santa Monica, in spite of the rain.  It was beautiful at the beach, surf high and awardees even more so.  The weather started rolling in about the time the awards ended.

  The show hosted by Patton Oswald celebrates the independent film makers and helps promote these films to a world-wide audience.  This award show also serves as a fundraiser for Film Independent, so they can continue supporting the independent film makers and their projects.

 Among those attending were Michael McConaughey, and his lovely wife Camila Alves,

Spirit awards '14 McConahey (photo credit: Hollywood Today)

Spirit awards ’14 McConaughey & Alves (photo credit: Hollywood Today)

who was wearing a stunning white jumpsuit by L.A. based designer Juan Carlos Obando, Jared Leto and Bradley Cooper. [Read more →]

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Oscar Fashion and Win for Great Gatsby Costume Design

March 4th, 2014 · No Comments

cheno 470936651AB00294_86th_Annua Hollywood Costume Designer turned Fashion Historian talks Oscar gowns, Vintage Fashion, and Catherine Martin

by JJ Marise

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 3/4/14 – “With The Great Gatsby’s Oscar win for Costume Design, vintage fashion is making a name for itself again, which is why Out-of-Style is such an important tool,” says Hollywood costume designer turned fashion historian and author Betty Kreisel Shubert. Her award-winning book Out-of-Style A Modern Perspective of How, Why and When Vintage Fashions Evolved, received a prestigious spot on Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2013 list in the Indie Books category and was also selected as Family Tree UK Magazine’s Top Choice book in their February issue, showing the book’s usefulness for genealogists as well as within the fashion community.

“The vintage style in The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite time periods for costume design. Its influence can still be seen today, especially in the ‘Art Deco’ style in design and architecture,” says Shubert. “Take Kristin Chenoweth’s Roberto Cavalli gold scalloped Oscar gown for example, from her bob to the beautiful beadwork on the gown, hints of the Art Deco and 1920s are prevalent further reinforcing its importance and the lasting impression it has made.”

In Out-of-Style, Shubert brings her extensive experience to shed a fresh perspective on the evolution of vintage fashions, creating an insightful and fascinating read for making time-dating old photos and vintage fashions easy. Published by Flashback Publishing, it features over 700 of her own sequential illustrations that reveal the style clues that date clothes worn by men, women and children in 19th through 20th centuries and beyond.

“Drawing upon her years of costume design experience and love of social history, Betty gives the lay person or the professional designer an invaluable research tool…This is one of the most valued ‘go to’ books in my library with talking points new, even to me,” says Disneyland Costume Designer Alyja Kalinich.

Shubert’s experience as a designer includes costumes for stage, screen, television specials, ready-to-wear, Las Vegas musicals and Disneyland. She has designed the uniform programs for cruise lines, race tracks, and for hotels, restaurants and casinos globally, and cites her collection of several clippings from Women’s Wear Daily and W magazines, calling them the “Bibles” of the American ready-to-wear industry, and are what contribute to her continued fascination with style.

Shubert continues to talk about the influence of the hourglass silhouette credited to the designs of Christian Dior and its universal appeal, which she demonstrates in her illustrations and refers to the evolution from 1940s style in her appropriately titled section “The ‘New Look’ for Women (And the ‘New Look’ for Movies and Las Vegas) in the 1950s.”

“Looking specifically at Oscar fashions, the hourglass is beautifully demonstrated by Charlize Theron in her Dior dress, which shows its timelessness and prevalence even today,” says Shubert.

In addition to her history as a costume designer, Shubert was also a regular columnist for Ancestry Magazine with her aptly titled “Out-of-Style” column for genealogists. Her book is also a useful tool for those seeking an easier way to understand how to time-date photographs. Out-of-Style is available at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/OUT-STYLE-Perspective-Vintage-Fashions/dp/098357619X/ref=tmm_pap_title_0

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“Hi Elliott this is Bob. Can you come over?” Elliott Landy’s Rock & Roll photography

March 4th, 2014 · No Comments


Elliott Landy’s Photographs of THE BAND

Photographer of, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix.


By Jimmy Steinfeldt

 HOLLYWOOD(Hollywood Today)3/4/14/–Jimmy Steinfeldt: Elliott how often do you clean your lens?

 Elliott Landy: Whenever I notice that it’s dirty.

 JS: What photographers influenced you?

 EL: The one man who taught me photography,  Larence Shustak, was pretty much unknown. I took a class with him and I learned about the attitude of photography. He was kind of a Zen thinking guy. I became his assistant for a little while so he influenced me a lot. Before that, Lisette Model was the only person teaching a recognized photography as art class in New York City. Before I could take her class I had to be interviewed by her. She really liked my photos. My Music From Big Pink album photo of The Band was definitely influenced by the Matthew Brady era of photography, The Civil War/Post Civil War era.

 J.S.  How did you get started photographing musicians?

 I worked with an underground newspaper called The Subterranean News. One night my friends and I walked by a theater with a marquee saying Country Joe and the Fish, and Light Show. We went in and I took my first Rock ‘N’ Roll pictures. In those days music was part of the anti-war movement. Almost every musician I photographed was against the War. I felt that when I was taking these photographs I was inviting the people looking at the pictures to come and be part of this alternative culture, to be part of the underground movement to stop the war. One of the first bands I photographed was Big Brother and the Holding Company, and they were managed by Albert Grossman who also managed Bob Dylan, Richie Havens, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Albert had met me earlier and really didn’t like me at all. But when he saw my photographs it worked out. He said he had a new band and I met Robbie Robertson. I was blown away by the music. Then the guys invited me to take pictures, and that’s how I came to photograph The Band.

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