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February 19th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Gross and Milano (photo credit: Hollywood Today)

Gross and Milano (photo credit: Hollywood Today)

The Private Lives of Nashville Wives will air on TNT, Monday, February 24th at 10/9c p.m.

 By Valerie Milano

Beverly Hills, CA (Hollywood Today) 2/19/14 “I think it’s a phenomenal show with real relatable, accessible, amazingly successful women and their inspiration has led to this great show.” Rachel Gross, creator of the new show told Hollywood Today at Blo salon in Beverly Hills.  Rachel Gross told us that the cast members are not allowed to see the episodes until the week before they are aired.  “Michel Wright, the president and head of programming, has had a long fascination with Nashville and he decided to launch a reality show about authentic characters that we have not seen in other housewives shows.  It took them one year to find this cast and they believe it is a winning cast.” 

Betty, Ana, Jenny

Betty, Ana, Jenny

What a great way to meet three of the cast members, while having our hair shampooed and then blown dried into a

Blo of Beverly Hills

Blo of Beverly Hills

style named after one of the cast members.  It sure was a different and exciting way to interview the cast.  Thank you TNT and Blo of Beverly Hills.

The group of women in Tennessee are best known by the success of their famous husbands, but thanks to TNT that is about to change.  Private Lives of Nashville Wives is a new reality TV show that will focus on how the spouses of some of the most prominent men in Music City are making a name for themselves.

The cast of the show includes Cassie Piersol-Chapman, wife of Christian singer-songwriter Gary Chapman; Erika Page White, who’s married to country singer Bryan White; Betty Malo, wife of the Mavericks singer Raul Malo, and her identical twin sister, Ana Fernandez, who is a single mother of two; Jenny Terrell, wife of JT Terrell, a top Nashville party and event producer, and Sarah Davidson, who is married to hit songwriter Dallas Davidson.  Tina Brady, the wife of well-known Nashville dentist Stan Brady, will also appear throughout the season.

Hollywood Today talked with Ana Fernandez and asked what it is like being the elder of her twin sister Betty.  She



laughed and said she likes being the boss, because she is a minute older.  She said they are a very close family and she also has two older sisters, her mother and her two children.  They all live within one block of each other and are always at one house or another.  She loves to ride her triked out scooter with her precious black and white French bulldog.  She said she rides into downtown Nashville often and feels quite safe.  HT asked Fernandez if her older sisters would be featured on the show. “They did not come on Season 1 because they thought it would be scary; you see housewives shows and you think, oh this is going to be one of those reality shows and it’s the complete opposite.  I think they are excited about it now that they have seen some of the show and they were afraid also about how Betty and I fight and how would that come across.”  

“Betty loves to watch reality shows, but I am too busy dating.”  She joked about not having a man currently, because she wants a dozen.  Very humorous personality and open about her life and her career working with glass and in construction, which she launched her own business in 2004.  She learned this trade from her ex-husband and they are still today best of friends.  She said that is very important, to stay friends with the father of your children.  No reason for fighting – that more marriages that end in divorce – couples should stay friends.  

“I would love for the audience to see that you can be Hispanic and succeed, I did not go to college, and you can start a business and work hard and go all the way. In this day and age nothing can hold back a woman, if you are determined; we don’t just have to be barefoot and pregnant. Family is first and people have lost sight of that.”   HT asked that question; so did you and your sister ever switch places? Fernandez said yes, they did it one time when Betty wanted to have Ana switch places to go out with this guy.  HT asked about the “pig” episode where Betty did not want to go get the pig that they were going to roast for their annual CMA party.  Ana told HT that said she loves bacon and she too did not want to go get it either and thank goodness Raul decided to get it.  Ana said “swine is divine” and she wants to make T-shirts with that saying on it.

Ana Margarita Fernandez was raised in Miami, FL and Nashville became her home when the family moved to Music City in 1995.  Ana is a single mom with two children, Christian (21) and Gabriella (11).  She is also a serial dater who is struggling to find the right guy and has just started dating.  Ana has a highly extroverted personality and she often clashes with her younger twin sister.  Ana and Betty spend a lot of time tooling around the city on their pimped-out scooters.  

HT next caught up with Ana’s twin sister Betty.  How did your family feel about you and your sister being on this new reality show?  ”My older sisters and my mother didn’t know how it would be since the two of us both fight so much.” She joked how the two of them have been compared to velociraptors, a phrase Betty’s husband Raul coined for them.  She said she and Ana do fight quite a bit, but that they apologize and get right back into what is important, like family and working it all out. They are fundamentally united and joined at the hip.  Betty said that Raul and she are best of friends and they have been married for over 22 years now and she has learned how important it is to trust one another and not be jealous of the work is he in, being a traveling musician. 

HT asked Betty about the date night.  “At first I was way into it, but when we got there, I got nervous.  So I sat down and was talking to him like I was her and there was Ana sitting behind him and making faces at me for 20 minutes, but I kept it together, my eye contact with him and had to ignore Ana. I did like this guy, but it was hilarious.”  Betty said “this happened because her sister Ana’s picker is off; meaning Ana is not so good at picking guys.”  What a coined phrase that is.  Betty discussed three sons being on the show.  “My eldest son came down in this beautiful robe and asked for a cappuccino, the middle son said no way and my youngest son is too busy playing the accordion.”  Betty said there was a scene in the show where they played with her husband and she was crying and so proud of them at that moment.  She said her eldest, Dino (18), and younger son, Max (13), wants to be musicians like their Dad, but the middle son Victor (17) wants to play basketball.  She said they all are gifted musicians and can pick up any type of instrument and teach themselves.  Betty admitted that she plays no instruments and can’t even sing in the shower. 

HT asked Betty how she and Ana got involved in the show.  Betty said that there was an ad in the paper in Nashville and she read it and thought maybe she and Ana could apply for it, even with the family dirt, so why not go for it and they filled it out and then TNT got in touch with them.  She said, “they did a family vote for a whole year every Friday night for the whole audition process and she admits that she was the last to sign off on it, that she was nervous about doing it.”  She believes this is a very cultural show, engaged in the arts, and sophisticated compared to the other real housewives shows out there.  She told us there are eight episodes and they have signed up for five seasons. 

Betty and Ana are the most flamboyant members of the cast.  Betty is married to Raul Malo, the lead singer and founding member of the legendary county music band, The Mavericks. She claims, “You have to be a tough bitch to be married to a musician.”   She also owns her own jewelry and accessories’ company named Betty Badd Couture, with several celebrity clients and is working to place her jewelry in boutiques around Nashville.    

The third cast member that HT interviewed was Jenny Terrell.  One of the questions HT was going to ask Jenny was if her young son Hank is going to be expecting a little brother or sister anytime soon.  But when she was introduced to HT, she was already showing us her answer.  She is expecting another child in a few months.  Jenny told HT that she had known JT Terrell through another friend for over 11 years.  Jenny’s ex-boyfriend was JT’s friend, so they were all friends and Jenny was even living with this ex-boyfriend and JT was married at the time a few years ago Jenny broke up with her boyfriend and JT got a divorce and they started hanging out in the single world.  They started running into each other and they decided to start dating and Jenny knew she was in loveat the second date and JT told her he knew at the first date. 

Sounds like a great love story.  “TNT does know drama,” Jenny said.  She said, “my husband sent me something about this reality show from Evolution and it sounded interesting to me, so I filled it out and sent it in and Evolution called me the same night.”  She did not give it a lot of consideration at the beginning but realized that some of the housewives shows are seen by young women addicted to these shows and she thought she could make a difference in how these young women should view successful and strong business women.  “I don’t have anything to hide, what they see is what I am.”  “The network has been fantastic to all of us and I am so happy to be part of this new housewife reality show.”

Terrell had a modest upbringing in the Midwest, where she grew up a tomboy, athlete and straight-A student before going off to college and later grad school. Eighteen years (and a lot of ladder-climbing) later, Jenny is living her dream life as the vice president of North American local sales for LivingSocial, one of the web’s leading social commerce companies. People always know where they stand with Jenny. It’s no small wonder that her active mind, strong convictions and directness have led her to great business success.  Jenny claims she hit the jackpot in her personal life when she married her longtime friend, successful Nashville businessman JT Terrell. When Jenny’s not jet-setting across North America on business, she can be found doting on baby Hank, their 18-month old “daddy’s boy” who came into the world shortly before her 41st birthday. Jenny can also be found nightly at Terrell cocktail hour, “lovin’ up or crackin’ up” (or both) with her husband at the bar in their multi-leveled living room.  Jenny enjoys the rewards of her successful career, but admits the constant traveling and super time-consuming nature of her job make it difficult for her to find time for her family. Despite that, Jenny and JT are discussing having a third child.  As far as Nashville life is concerned, Jenny says, “There’s nothing quite like it. You really have to experience it to understand the amazing combination of electricity, hospitality, talent and panache that this city affords its residents. I’m never leaving.”  

The Private Live of Nashville Wives will air on TNT, Monday, February 24th at 10/9c p.m.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this well written article! I found each of the interviews interesting, but I particularly liked the interviews with Ana Fernandez & her twin sister, Betty Malo. I can tell they will bring a lot of life to this exciting new show!

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