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February 16th, 2014 · 1 Comment


Credit: Just Jared

Credit: Just Jared

By Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Today) 2/16/14 “It’s been 10 years since we did our last award show, the economy just could not take it right now and we had a great team to put this together and we are back.”  Sue Cabral-Ebert, Local 706 President told Hollywood Today at the 2014 Make-Up Artists & Hairstylists Guild Awards Red Carpet event this weekend at Paramount Studios.  The award show returned after a 10-year hiatus with an award for Johnny Depp.  The actor known for going under the chair to transform himself into those great characters that we moviegoers have enjoyed for years paid off.  Depp received the first ever distinguished artisan award for his work in films like Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice In Wonderland¸ Pirates of Caribbean, Sweeney Todd and most recently for Tonto in the Lone Ranger.  The Guild commented that although Depp was receiving the award for wearing make-up, the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild chose Depp to receive their Distinguished Artisan Award as a thank you from all the collaborative spirits who have been brought into the wonderful, colorful world of Depp.  Depp’s honor was presented to him by his long-time collaborator and makeup artists Joel Harlow, who has been nominated this year for makeup in the Lone Ranger, in which Depp starred in the film.

Although Depp did not walk the Red Carpet, he did in fact make it to the stage to accept his distinguished award.  Depp, who has stated in the past, that he does not watch the films that he makes, joked while holding his statue, “This is a great honor, but glancing up at the screen, I realize what a ridiculous thing I’ve done.” “I mean seriously, why do they still give me jobs? I’ve done a lot of things, which I should probably apologize for a few, but I won’t.”  Depp praised the work of the makeup artists like Joel Harlow, Gloria Casny, Ne Neill, Yolanda Toussieng, Patty York and Martin Samuel. In his trademark soft spoken voice he said “these talented folks have helped me to find the root of each character.”  He went on to say “I found, oddly, that I liked being encased in all of that stuff. I try something different each time as an actor with the amazing help of makeup artists who have made my whole career.”

Joel Harlow on the red carpet. Photo credit: Hollywood Today

Joel Harlow on the red carpet. Photo credit: Hollywood Today

Hollywood Today caught up with Joel Harlow on the Red Carpet.  Harlow said “it’s our circle or little family’s time to celebrate.”  What was the most challenge for doing the makeup for the Lone Ranger?  He said “I was the department head as well as creating all the prosthetic makeup characters, so it was wearing quite a few hats and we had 86 prime cast that were all in some kind of special makeup. They would come to us in the beginning of the morning looking fresh, clean faced and when they left our trailers they looked like they lived in the 1800’s. It was a complete transformation and the old age Tonto was an eight hour makeup process, which is most people’s day at work, encompassing not just head and shoulders, but his full body and arms, which is something that is rarely done.”  He said there were only five people on his crew due to financial problems at the beginning of filming.  HT asked how you prepare for Oscar.  “You don’t, how could you, get a tux, I got that.  I was there once before, I won for Star Trek and that was a magical night because I was able to bring my parents and they saw me win and I gave them my award.   I had it for one night and then gave it to them the next day.  When I was growing up I destroyed their house doing this stuff.  Since they were always so supportive of me and they cried.”  He spoke about how Johnny Depp and how he is probably one of the only people of our era that is so radically and so consistently changed their appearance to suit the character.  “He is truly our generations Man of a Thousand Faces.”  Said Joel Harlow of Johnny Depp.  What a great statement for sure.  Joel Harlow told HT that he and Depp are close friends and they don’t just talk about makeup and that Depp talks about the makeup process with him while they are sitting there for eight hours.  They are like buddies and talk about their personal lives, good restaurants, what’s new in their lives now. 

photo credit: Hollywood Today

photo credit: Hollywood Today

There was a woman wearing a long while flowing gown with her face, chest and arms painted white, wearing a large flower arrangement on her head standing in the lobby to great the invited guests.  Tom Arnold was the host this year and later joked about this woman in white by stating “wow she looks edible, like a big white cake.”  Arnold was full of jokes that evening, especially poking fun at his weight loss and dieting.

Makeup artist Dick Smith and Hairstylist Gail Ryan both received lifetime achievement awards.  Rick Baker accepted the award for Dick Smith who was unable to make it.  Rick Baker said Dick Smith is 91 years old and is the greatest makeup artist alive and that is was an honor to accept this award on his behalf.  Actor Benicio Del Toro presented Gail Ryan with her lifetime achievement awards, stating that she was his best friend and that she allowed him to cut his own hair for a scene in 21 Grams. 

Some of the evening’s other awards went to Oscar nominees Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa for best special makeup effects and Dallas Buyers Club for best period and/or character makeup, while best contemporary hair styling in a television series went to The Voice.  Best Contemporary Make-Up for commercials went to Wash The Day Away (Delta Airlines).  Television and New Media Series Best Special Make-Up Effects went to Walking Dead.  Best Contemporary Hair Styling went to Lee Daniels’ The Bulter.

Jane Lynch, Ed Asner, Johnny Knoxville, Nicolette Sheridan, Melissa Leo, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Kelly Hu and were among the presenters.  

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