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40th Anniversary HIGH TIMES Magazine 2014 Medical Cannabis Cup legalization, education, sociological and financial

February 10th, 2014 · 3 Comments

2014 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup


America’s “biggest” cash crop $100 billion

40th Anniversary HIGH TIMES Magazine 1974 – 2014

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

San Bernardino, California      National Orange Show Event Center     February 08 and 09, 2014



 The estimated valued of America’s annual marijuana production at a whopping $35.8 billion.

According to Gettman’s estimates, America’s domestic marijuana crop consists of 56.4 million marijuana plants cultivated outdoors worth $31.7 billion and 11.7 million plants cultivated indoors worth $4.1 billion. 

By Chef Peter Peterson

San Bernardino, California  (Hollywood Today)2/10/14/–The crowds packed the High Times Medicinal Cannabis Show, Saturday February 08, 2014 at the National Orange Show Event Center in San Bernardino, CA.   HIGH TIMES Magazine sponsored the first Los Angeles Medicinal Cannabis Cup.  The public is welcome, but to enter the medication area, you must have a valid medicinal card and valid photo ID.  Don’t worry, Dr. Green and his staff is on property and will prescribe a valid medicinal card, prices range from $60 to $150.  Over 50 Growers and 150 vendors form all over the West Coast gathered to celebrate the culture and the upcoming multi-million dollar industry. 

Over 2,000 visitors came out to support the various venders that filled the medication area.  HIGH TIMES Magazine and the NOS Event Center staff put on a well organized show.  Upon entering the expo you immediately are surrounded by several food trucks selling their entrees and beverages.  Hunger was no problem at this event.  Truck selections ranged from Sushi, Pizza, Taco and Burritos, Burgers, and one dessert truck.   Unfortunately, most all of the trucks ran out of food before the show ended.   It was a larger turnout than expected!

Right passed the DAMUS concert venue there was about a dozen cannabis educational booths.  These booths included

Tom Forcade Founder HIGH TIMES

Tom Forcade Founder HIGH TIMES

Counterculture Hall of Fame

Tom Forcade Founder/Publisher, Editor In Chief:
(September 11, 1945 – November 17, 1978)

Video Tom Forcade


Forcade bequeathed trusts to benefit High Times and NORML.

CA NORMAL – http://www.canorml.org/ ,

CARE (Cannabis Awareness Research Economics)http://www.votecannabis.org/2/post/2013/07/hello-world.html

, Parents for Pothttp://www.parents4pot.org/

NORMAL Women’s Alliance http://norml.org/women/ ,

CCHI Initiativehttp://www.cchi2014.org/

, MCLR Initiativehttp://www.marijuanacontrollegalizationrevenueact.com/

, Americans for Safe Access, (ASA)http://www.safeaccessnow.org/

, Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Projecthttp://medicalmarijuana.procon.org/

, Cash Hyde Foundationhttp://www.cashhydefoundation.org/

Tahoe Wellnesshttp://www.tahoewellnesscoop.org/

Russ Belville Showhttp://radicalruss.com/

, We the People Radiohttp://420radio.org/

All of these groups support the legalization and education of Cannabis and Hemp Products and the impact this industry will have in America and in our future History, both sociological and financial.  Spend some time and educate yourself and others around you.

NORML http://norml.org/

HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE http://www.hightimes.com/


HIGH TIMES planned a diverse speaker panel to educate on new medicating trends, legal issues and the future of this exploding industry.   HIGH TIMES provided a wonderful lineup of top speakers in the industry.  Topics on Saturday included: Generation DAB, Bobby Black – moderator.  Experts of Cultivation, Danny Danko – moderator.  California Pot Politics – Rick Cusick – moderator.  Cannabis Cuisine – Elise McDonough

The HIGH TIMES medication area required that you have a valid medical cannabis card prior to entry.  Once in the medication area, there are over 200 venders selling flower, wax, oils, vapes, and any and all accessories associated with the industry.  There had to be over 2000 people from all walks of life touring around and interacting with the venders.  The DAB STIX booth had DJ music and was offering free DABS to the expo patrons.   There were so many wonderful vendors with some great products.  Read my hands on product reviews below, but I wanted to list some of the really unique vendors at the expo:

Werc Shop Lab Testing –http://thewercshop.com/

With all of the new strains and all of the new gardeners and collectives it has become a standard in the industry to have your product tested.  Not only for knowledge of your specific product but it also lets you know as a grower that you are producing a consistent potent, viable product.  This company tests for THC, CBD, CBN, THCV, Pesticides, amongst other things.  Werc Shop will test flowers, concentrates, oils, butters, and final product.  They are convenient and provide pick up service.  All work is guaranteed and completed in an approved lab.   Go to the web site for more information.  A simple test on product starts at $50.  Thorough testing will cost about $200.

-       Liquid Gold Extracts – This Company produces the finest, purest oils for your oil vape pen.  Their product is made with straight co2, no glycerin or propoglycol.  The company produces their own cannabis strains to keep their products consistent.  They have three different potencies and only sell refill cartridges.  I look forward to including this product into my oil and vape review.  Price $20 per refill syringe http://www.liquidgoldextracts.com/

-       White Rhino Products – The product at this booth that caught my eye was the disposable vape pen.  Great for concerts and places where you want to medicate but don’t want to risk losing you fav vape pen.  Open it, pack it, medicate, and dispose of when done.   They say you get about 100 hits, but I take big hits!  No pricing available, both at the show and on their web site.  I am guessing prices start in the $30 range. http://www.whiterhinoproducts.com/

-       California Finest 420 – This group has introduced the first “pack” of pre-rolled product.  Compare to purchasing a pack of cigarettes.  There are 5 pre-rolled joints in each box.  The company states that each joint is at least 1.4 grams per roll.  Flavors include sativa, indica, and a hybrid.  Blue dream was the hybrid that I was able to sample. It was a nice 4” pre-roll.  Smoked well with no runs.  Price is $60 for 5 pre-rolls. http://www.californiafinest420.com

-       VAPEXHALE – I have medicated from the standard vaporizer on the market for over ten years.  But, this product has redefined vaporizing.  The typical vaporizer output is contained in a plastic bag or drawn through a plastic tube.  The VAPEXHALE unit goes from vapor through glass to you.  No bag, no stale taste, just vapor, glass and the most purest taste I have come across.  I want to thank Sabo Shen for allowing me to sample this unit.  I will be looking forward to a further product review in the future. www.Vapexhale.com  – do yourself a favor and check this product out. Cost $600 – worth it! http://www.vapexhale.com/

-       Flower Sales -There were several venders selling flower and concentrates.  Aside from all of the seed bank venders and flower and concentrate venders there was one vendor that got my attention, The Aficionado Booth.  This group manages very select high end strains of flower.  The cherry bomb is one of the finest flower I have been able to medicate with.  Save your pennies and buy some of this!  You will thank yourself.  Medicate a little and set the rest aside for a special occasion. www.Aficionadoseeds.com

-       Other Venders to Thank: Raw Natural Rolling Papers, 420Wipes, I-Tal Hemp Wick, Smelly Proof Storage Bags, Weed Maps, Leafly, and of course HIGH TIMES Magazine for sponsoring such a great event.

The Jack Herer Legalization VIP event featuring Young DRO and B.O.B. was held at 8pm in the DAMUS Building.  This was an old, abandon airplane hangar.  I spoke with Mike, the sound tech and he said “I did the best I could with the sound, we are in an airplane hangar! 

This place was not designed for sound” But we agreed that this crowd most likely wouldn’t care.  There were about 1500 heads enjoying the performance.  Smoke was filling the air and Young DRO and B.O.B. did not disappoint!  B.O.B. played his hits “Nothin’ on you and Airplanes” and Young DRO played “FDB” From the size of the beat, the mix of the crowd and the haze in the air, this show went off the hook!  Thanks HIGH TIMES for a great show!       

The day is over and the crowd is slowly moving towards the exit.  The night time tends to hide the scars of this very long day.  For most people the event was filled with friends from all walks of life that share a common bond in this industry we call cannabis.  For others, it was an event filled with peace, weed, music, and joy that will be remembered until the next HIGH TIMES Event.

Check out






High Times Magazine May 1992

I want to give a special thank you to Kelly Barbieri with HIGH TIMES Magazine for all of her hospitality.

Be sure to check out my LA Medicinal Cannabis Product Review coming soon

A not-so-cleancut Tom Forçade, on left, in 1971, with Mayer Vishner and Abbie Hoffman.

A not-so-cleancut Tom Forçade, on left, in 1971, with Mayer Vishner and Abbie Hoffman.

1977 High Times  Founder 

Thomas King Forçade (September 11, 1945 – November 17, 1978), aka Gary Goodson,[1] was an American underground journalist and activist in the 1970s. For many years he ran the Underground Press Syndicate (later called the Alternative Press Syndicate), and was the founder in summer 1974 of High Times magazine. High Times ran articles calling marijuana a “medical wonder drug” and ridiculing the US Drug Enforcement Administration. High Times became a huge success with a circulation of more than 500,000 copies a month and revenues approaching $10 million by 1977 and embraced by the young adult market as the bible of the alternative life culture. By 1977 High Times was selling as many copies an issue as Rolling Stone and National Lampoon. Forcade published several other publications such as Stoned, National Weed, Dealer and others that always were laced with some of the best humor, pop culture and a forum for some of the best writers, artists and political savvy mostly veiled as the counter culture entertainment magazine. Many of the writers went on to be published in premiere papers and magazines in North America.

Life and career

He was born in Phoenix, Arizona. His father, engineer and hot rod enthusiast Kenneth Goodson, died in a car crash when Forçade was a child.

Forçade graduated from the University of Utah in 1967 with a degree in business administration. He went into the United States Air Force but was discharged after a few months. He formed a hippie commune and underground magazine called Orpheus, after which he moved to New York City.[2] In 1970, Forcade became one of the first people to use pieing as a form of protest, hitting Chairman Otto Larsen during the President’s Commission on Obscenity and Pornography.[3]

According to the 1990 nonfiction book 12 Days on the Road: The Sex Pistols and America, by Noel E. Monk and Jimmy Guterman, Forcade and his film crew followed the Sex Pistols through their chaotic January 1978 concerts of the U.S. South and West, using high-pressure tactics in an unsuccessful attempt to persuade the band’s management and record company to let him document the tour. He committed suicide in November 1978 in his Greenwich Village apartment after the death of his best friend, Jack Coombs.[4] Forcade bequeathed trusts to benefit High Times and NORML.

Tom Forcade Founder/Publisher, Editor In Chief:



Hands On Product Review Highlights

Hemp Meds PX –http://hempmedspx.com/

Out of San Diego Ca, Hemp Meds PX is the leader in CBD Rich Hemp Oil Products.  Their product line includes Pharmaceutical Grade Oils, Hemp CBD Vapor, Skin and Hair Products and Natural Supplements.   Thank you Billy and Rodney for the lesson in CBD and the benefits it brings. 

I am certain the public will be hearing more about all the benefits of CBD products.   Hemp Meds PX claim their products contain less than 1% THC.  Due to legal reasons CBD medical claims are in their infancy.  But for further information on the benefits of Hemp based CBD, go to http://www.projectcbd.org/ and you will be amazed at what is going on in the health industry with this new component of Hemp.  I was able to try the CBD HEMPVAP pen that was available at the show. 

I found the effect to be very soothing, much different than medicating with THC.  The CBD pen and Cartridge system is very easy to use and maintain.  For patients that would benefit from CBD and do not want the effects of THC this system will be perfect.  The starter kit will run you $70, but the benefits are well worth it.  Hemp Meds PX products can be purchased online at http://hempmedspx.com/


Cloud Vape –

Cloud Vape, out of Los Angeles,Ca has two products on the market, the classic Cloud and the new Cloud V.  Both are easy to use and feature high quality construction.  The standard cloud works great but the Cloud V features a titanium coil wire and ceramic bowl.  Fortunately, there is an upgrade for your standard Cloud model.  I was able to sample the Cloud, thank you Aristotle, and it performed much better than my other vape pen.  I used some cherry bomb flower and was pleasantly surprised.  The Cloud Vape Pens start at $60 and have a life time warranty on the battery.  They are available at select smoke shops in your area, but can always be purchased online at cloudvapes.com.   Cup Award Winner! http://cloudvapes.com/store

Grenco Science –

Grenco Science produces a wide variety of vape and oil pens.  The company is very innovative and has very cool themed equipment and accessories.  Ladies will enjoy the different designs and colors.  Go to their web site and check out their product line.  I really like the flask vape.  Their products are constructed with the finest materials, not just old technology branded over.  They also have a 1 year warranty on their products.  I was able to sample the MicroG unit.  I medicated with OGK wax and for such a small device, this little unit performed.  I will be taking this with me on my next outing.  Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out all of their other products on their website.  Cost $70 – $150 http://www.grencoscience.com/

FreshStor –

There are so many different innovative products at this show.  But this little booth had something simple but effective.  If you enjoy great flower, you should purchase one of these units.  We all have our favorite storage containers, but this system actually brings your flower to a proper 62% humidity.  Any connoisseur of flower will know that product kept at the proper humidity will produce a better effect at consumption time.  I was able to sample the small unit.  Thank you Gary.   Immediately, I put my flower in the newly acquired container, opened the included sachet, inserted into the lid, locked the lid down and the next day I could see a significant improvement in the smell and feel of my flower.  You don’t need to medicate with dry, crumbly flower anymore.  Use the FreshStor system and see and smoke the difference.  The sachet last about 60 days, refills are available online.   Prices start from $20 and there are several sizes.  http://www.freshstor.com/

Lighter Bro –

This is a must have for the medicater on the go.  The classy little unit slides over a standard lighter.  The unit contains a small pair of scissors, small knife, and a poker that has a micro screwdriver.  On top of all this, the bottom is a bottle opener.  Who would have thought!  I have mine on my lighter and it works like a champ.  Get one for your lighter!  Lighterbro.com  Cost is $10 http://lighterbro.com/

Results of the HIGH TIMES Medicinal Cannabis Cup

1st Place – C3PO
2nd Place – Dabstix
3rd Place – Silika

1st Place – Cloud V
2nd Place – Oil Slick
3rd Place – G Pen

1st Place – Hitman Glass by Rob Morrison
2nd Place – Sheldon Black
3rd Place – Silika

Emu 420 Essentials Mentholated Rub from Cannariginals & Golden State Cooperative

1st Place — Liquid Gold Delights Mint Meltaways from G Pharma Labs
2nd Place — Terra Bites from Kiva Confections
3rd Place — Strawberry Banana Cream from Kushie Kandy

Flower — Johnny’s Tonic from Elemental Seeds
Concentrate — CBD Simple from CannaVest
Edible — CBD Lollipops from Bay Meds Delivery & MTG Seeds

1st Place — BAMF Private Reserve OG Solventless from BAMF Extractions for VFL Collective
2nd Place — Goji OG Solventless Wax from Warrior Extractions for Oh-Tay Fam
3rd Place — Holy Water from Collective Conscious Apothecary

1st Place — Kosher OG from TerpX for Grateful Meds
2nd Place — San Lorenzo Valley OG from TerpX for Venice Medical Center
3rd Place — Honey OG from The Honey Spot

1st Place — Red Dragon from RCP Sacramento
2nd Place — Silver Haze from Gold Coast Collection
3rd Place — Crystal Coma from Alpha Medic

1st Place — Gorilla Glue #4 from Standard Seed Collective
2nd Place — Alpha OG from Alpha Medic
3rd Place — Redding OG from RCP Sacramento

1st Place — XXX OG from Life is Good Healing
2nd Place — Veganic L.A. Confidential from Private Stock for Buds and Roses
3rd Place — Blackwater from Terrapin Terpene Collective

Counterculture Hall of Fame Inductees

  • 1997 - Bob Marley, Jamaican singer, song-writer and committed Rastafarian. The first person to be inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame.
  • 1998 – Louis Armstrong, Jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans and Mezz Mezzrow, Jazz clarinettist and saxophonist from Chicago. Inducted by John Sinclair. Both used cannabis their entire adult lives.
  • 1999 – the Four Beats, also known as the Beat Generation: Jack Kerouac, American novelist and poet; his long-time muse Neal Cassady; Allen Ginsberg, American poet, best known for his epic poem Howl (in which Neal Cassady is also referenced); and William S. Burroughs, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, painter, spoken word performer and author of the novel Naked Lunch.
  • 2000 - Ina May Gaskin, the “mother of authentic midwifery”, founder of The Farm and so called “Goddess”. She was the first woman, and also the first living inductee, to the Counterculture Hall of Fame.
  • 2001 – Paul Krassner, American author, journalist, comedian, and founding member of the Yippies, a counterculture press.
  • 2002 – Bob Dylan, American musician, singer-songwriter, artist, writer and figurehead of social unrest in the 60s, and Joan Baez, American folk singer, songwriter, musician and activist.
  • 2003 – American cannabis activist, author of  The Emperor Wears No Clothes and very dear friend of Sensi Seeds, Jack Herer.


  • 2004 – Stephen Gaskin, counterculture hippie icon and co-founder of The Farm, a famous spiritual community in Summertown, Tennessee.
  • 2005 – John Trudell, American author, poet, actor, musician, and former political activist.
  • 2006 – Barry “Plunker” Adams and Carrick Beck, veterans of the Rainbow family, a group of individuals committed to principles of non-violence and egalitarianism.
  • 2007 – Tommy Chong, Canadian American comedian, actor, writer, director, activist and musician, well known for his marijuana-themed “Cheech & Chong” comedy movies and Cheech Marin, Mexican American comedian, actor, voice actor and writer who gained recognition as part of the same comedy act.
  • 2008 – Peter Tosh, Jamaican reggae musician who was a core member of the band The Wailers and promoter of Rastafari.
  • 2009 – Thomas King Forcade, American underground journalist and activist in the 1970s as well as founder of High Times magazine in the summer of 1974. For many years he ran the Underground Press.
  • 2010 – Coke La Rock, old school New York City rapper. The first MC in the history of hip-hop.
  • 2011 – John Griggs, who started BEL (Brotherhood of Eternal Love), a spiritual organization of drug users and distributors in the late 1960s.
  • 2012 - Steven Hager, Editor in Chief of High Times Magazine and instigator of the Counterculture Hall of Fame.
  • 2013 – Ben Dronkers, Dutch entrepreneur, cannabis activist and legendary founder of Sensi Seeds. Thanks to Mr Dronkers, the Sensi Seed Bank is one of the most accepted and prestigious organizations of its kind in cannabis history. He shares his passion and knowledge about hemp and cannabis at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam and Barcelona as well as the Hemp Museum Gallery. With HempFlax he reintroduced an environmentally friendly, economically sound, traditional crop to his homeland and to the rest of the world.


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