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January 30th, 2014 · 1 Comment

JES_light box seated

By Kely Lyons

HOLLYWOOD(Hollywood Today)1/30/14/–Gorgeous. A heavenly voice. DJ grooves to kill for. A stage presence powerful enough to send thousands of audience members into an EDM trance for hours – and the ability to rock spectacular outfits that should by all rights make Lady Gaga and Madonna green with envy. Those are just some of the attributes that define singer/songwriter/DJ and producer JES. Listen to her clear, pure vocals on “Higher Than the Sun” and you’ll find you just can’t help the shivers running up and down your spine. (http://www.blackholerecordings.com/music/albums/roger-shah-jes-and-brian-laruso-higher-than-the-sun-remixes/).

 When JES performs she emanates a joyous, genuine femininity that is truly refreshing. She’s not going for macho or competing with the guys – she doesn’t have to. She takes you into dance/ trance heaven in her own unique, original and utterly compelling way – you’re on cloud nine before you know it, and all you want to do is stay up there with her. Her emotions are right out front and never in question, and when she looks straight at you with those eyes you’re transfixed – you just can’t look away.

 Fascinated by the mysteries of vinyl since she was a little girl, JES has shown an unparalleled devotion to dance music. Fueled by her brilliant mixes – to which she often sings along as she DJs – JES’s live performances have brought her a legion of fans from her multi-continent tours. Her weekly radio show, “Unleash the Beat” is syndicated on 60 stations worldwide, and she can truthfully be called a heroine of the EDM revolution. A powerful singer/songwriter, JES has written for and done vocals with top artists in the industry – Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Kaskade, Cosmic Gate, Richard Durand, Motorcycle – the list goes on and on.


 In 2007, after signing with Tiesto’s Black Hole Recording, JES released the first of her three artist albums, Disconnect, which was closely followed by Into the Down-The Hits Disconnected (2008) and High Glow (2010). In August 2013 she put out the second volume of her compilation series, Unleash the Beat. Her compilations and mashups are extraordinary – simply the best the EDM movement has to offer. When you watch JES perform in front of a thousand people, you can instantly see that her audience agrees.

 She’s so multi-talented it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes JES so special. Her live sets are breathtaking; fueled by her incredible musical esthetic and supported by that heavenly voice, she takes her audience on a trip they never want to come down from. The vibe she creates in her music videos and solo work is mesmerizing. Now that Vibe magazine has named her as one of 2013’s top female DJs, one can only hope that her career begins to skyrocket. Like the title says, awesome now has a new definition, and her name is JES.

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