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CES 2014: What Tech Should I Wear Today? The most useful wearables

January 10th, 2014 · 3 Comments


By Tony Rappa

Las Vegas(Hollywood Today)1/10/14/–There was a ton of cool new tech at CES this year. Everything from curved TV’s and 3D everything to little dancing bots and robots to clean your windows. However, there’s one tech category that I think you’ll see hit the market in a big way this year – wearables.

Wearables is the term being used for  - you guessed it; any tech you can wear. While the concept isn’t all that new; the tech coming out that you can wear is very exciting. It’s so big that this years AT&T hackathon event in Vegas – just before CES – offered $40k to the team that could come up with the most useful wearable tech. You can check out a clip of the winning wearable here http://bit.ly/1dl1EFk.

The most mature wearable tech lives in the health category. With companies like Jawbone and Fitbit showing off their new wares you’ll find fitness bracelets, headsets, and little bean looking devices. These things track and report everything you need to know to stay fit. The Jawbone Up and Fitbit Force will track how many calories you burn; how many steps you take; and even how well you’re sleeping each night. The wristbands plug directly into your smart-phone and the provided phone apps provide tons of options for food tracking and reporting. Definitely check out both to see which one you prefer.

Wearable tech doesn’t stop with fitness. I think one of the coolest new form factors coming to a face near you is smart glasses. You’ve probably heard of Google Glass and I’ll admit I saw a ton of people with Glass all over CES this year. However, Google Glass isn’t the only cool kid on the block.

I had the opportunity to try on some of the different augmented reality glasses and was wowed by how far they’ve come. This is some seriously cool stuff. Imagine walking around with a virtual monitor being projected from your glasses. One of the devices even had a small hand-held device attached to it that worked much like a track-mouse. The device offered a full operating system on which you could run a browser and any app you might find an a smart phone. One of the reps told me that you can even adjust the transparency of the projection to more easily see people or objects while walking.

If you’re looking for the next big trend in tech; look at wearables. If you wear it today, look for tech to be integrated into it very soon.



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