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Telemundo premiers Santa Diabla

August 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Diaz and Espino stars of Telemundo's Santa Diablo

Diaz and Espino stars of Telemundo’s Santa Diabla

Viewers will not find a Cinderella storyline anywhere By Valerie Milano Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Today) 8/7/13 – What If there was a novela that had more drama, passion, intrigue, originality, and unknown ending?  What of this novela was like no other with characters that don’t fit your stereotypical personalities? That novela is Santa Diabla, a Telemundo original novela, which premiers this week. From the beginning, the storyline is filled with revenge; love lost, and lots of mystery. Who is really the protagonist or the antagonist may seem clear, but as the story develops, the tables turn.  Santa Diabla, an original novela written by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela and produced by Joshua Mintz, is without a doubt what Spanish novelas needed – a breath of fresh air.  Santa Diabla narrates the story of Santa Martinez, a young widow who engages in revenge against the Cano family; the family who wrongfully accused and murdered her husband. As the viewer will soon learn, Santa becomes Amanda, a sophisticated, sensual, woman engaged to Humberto Cano (the oldest of the Cano siblings and a ruthless lawyer). The plot thickens when Humberto’s estranged and younger brother, Santiago, played by Aaron Diaz, enters the story. If you are thinking of a love triangle, think again.  A love triangle is so last century. Santa Diabla is more like a spider web of intrigue, mystery, and a lot of good looking talent. Santa Diabla isn’t just an original novela it has an extremely talented cast. Included are Carlos Ponce, an actor well known for his roles in Chasing Papi and Couples Retreat (remember the gorgeous yoga instructor?); seasoned Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino; multi-talented Mexican actor and singer, Aaron Diaz, and Columbian beauty, Ximena Duque. Why this production? What of their characters? And what is the rumored happy ending?  Carlos Ponce, who portrays Humberto Cano, explained to Hollywood Today “The amazing thing about Santa Diabla is that I don’t even know what’s going to happen.“ There is so much intrigue, our characters go from good to bad, or may simply be misunderstood.” More so, Ximena Duque added, “My character isn’t ill-intended; in fact, she’s childish and goes through growing pains.” Ximena explained that to do this character she had to imagine being in the mindset of a thirteen year old, a challenge for the 28 year old beauty and real life girlfriend of Carlos Ponce. Each cast member agreed this production is by far one of the most original story lines to be aired.  Viewers will not find a Cinderella storyline anywhere, to the contrary they will recognize that each woman portrayed has a strong will, a delicate yet willful spirit, and don’t expect many tears.  Gaby Espino, who portrays Santa Martinez and Amanda Brun, noted “this novela challenged me as an actress. You can see why Santa becomes Amanda, but will she remain true to her revenge or will she have a change of heart?” Regardless of tables turning, deceits unveiled, or murders solved, the production promises two things: 1) an original plot, and 2) an original ending.

Catch Santa Diabla onTelemundo-52 at 10PM Monday through Friday. #santadiablatv


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