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Glastonbury Festival 2013: Sir Jumpin’ Jack Flash “They Finally Got A Around To Asking Us” The Rolling Stones!

July 1st, 2013 · No Comments

Jumpin' Jack Flash by Dave Stewart

Jumpin’ Jack Flash by Dave Stewart

  The Rolling Stones have made their Glastonbury debut, 43 years after the festival first took place.       By  Mike Ahearne Scotland(Hollywood Today)7/1/13/—Rant of the day. Having watched Mumford and sons – a fine band putting in a fine performance at Glasto last night – I can’t help but make comparisons with the Rolling Stones’ effort the night before after wasting 50 odd minutes of my life watching it. They appear to have achieved Queen Mother status in that deferential reverence is obligatory despite the evidence staring you in the face. Whenever the old bird appeared in public we were always told how radiant she was looking blah, blah and so it is with the Stones. While I’m in awe and envious of Lord Jagger’s physical ability, his ‘singing’ (if you’re prepared to dignify the tuneless howling coming from his mouth with that term) is a joke with its phoney, contrived American accent (along with his phoney, contrived cockney speech); the fact is if you didn’t know who they were and wandered into your local pub and found them playing you’d probably be inclined to call Social Services and say there’s a bunch of old codgers making an exhibition of themselves and could someone come and take them home before they embarrass themselves any further. But instead of coming clean about just how lousy they are, we’re told endlessly how they were the highlight of the festival and what a wonderful performance they put on blah, blah sodding blah. The Rolling Stones have made their Glastonbury debut, 43 years after the festival first took place. http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/ I’ll stop now! Mike Ahearne Nottingham England

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