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Under The Dome

June 27th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Brian K. Vaughan at the helm

Brian K. Vaughan at the helm

By Valerie Milano What would you do? Pasadena, CA (Hollywood Today) 6/27/13 – Monday night’s broadcast of Under the Dome brought together a whopping 13.1 million viewers together – big numbers for a summer kick-off. Under the Dome is based on a 2009 Stephen King novel. The script was developed by Showtime and set on a shelf.  It later came up for option and landed on the desk of Nina Tassler, President of CBS, “you know, ever since Jericho, for us, ever since, I love these kind of bigger big idea shows. And I loved it. I loved the script. And the auspices aren’t too shabby. You’re talking about Stephen King. You’re talking about Steven Spielberg.” When asked how he came up with the concept Stephen King said, “I started to think about all these people on a highway who were trying to talk to reporters and their loved ones and there were army people around and you couldn’t see anything [waving his hand in front of him] but when anybody [knock, knock] touched it you know…you could even put your hand up to your loved ones hand and there would be no difference between them but you couldn’t reach through and I thought…this is a hell of a situation particularly if you want to talk about diminishing resources and how people get along when they’re involved with a crisis situation. And when there’s no medicine. All those were concerns in the 70s. Natalie Martinez, who plays Deputy Linda Esquivel, posed the question, “If you put yourself in our shoes and the dome comes down what would you do? It’s fight or flight, do you man up or do you put your tail between your legs and run away?” Niels Arden Oplev , director of the first episode, seems very excited about his involvement with the series, “When you’re in a hothouse and all the secrets and lies can leak out, it’s really cool and interesting. This episode that Brian wrote so beautifully is just the starter of many crazy things to come.” So far, the show is well put together and the special effects are incredible. So, let’s keep watching and see what develops Under The Dome.    

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