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CBGB Rockin’ Into Theaters October 2013

June 5th, 2013 · 3 Comments

Richard DeKlerk on set of CBGB  photo: Beau Giann

Richard DeKlerk on set of CBGB photo: Beau Giann

Iconic Punk Film starring Alan Rickman, Malin Akerman, Ashley Greene gets US Distribution by JJ Marise “Working on CBGB was an education in the music of the time.  I can’t wait for people to be introduced  or reintroduced to all the great music of that era,” says Richard DeKlerk who plays Taxi, the sound engineer, very much a part of CBGB back in the day. The popular film roles out in New York and LA on October 4th and widens nationally the following week. The release of the film by US distributor Xlrator is timed to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the NYC Club and to take advantage of the CBGB Music Festival event in October. CBGB could be called the zeitgeist as it is quite timely with the current mainstream popularity of “PUNK” in the media, art and fashion, with the recent show at the MET, a bastion of high art, about the history of the Punk movement. CBGB tells the true story of the legendary New York City club in the Bowery that launched dozens of groundbreaking bands and which is now known globally as the home of American Punk Rock music.  Alan Rickman ,Harry Potter, Love Actually, plays the club’s owner and founder Hilly Kristal. It was directed by Randall Miller Bottle Shock from a screenplay by him and Jody Savin. joeyramoneFeaturing an all-star ensemble, including Malin Akerman, The Numbers Station  Ashley Greene (Twilight), Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Justin Bartha (The Hangover), Joel David Moore (Avatar), Freddy Rodriguez (Grindhouse), Donal Logue (Terriers), Stana Katic (Castle), Richard DeKlerk (Repeaters), Mickey Sumner (Francis Ha) and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, the film features 16 on-camera musical performances and over 60 classic tracks by the Talking Heads, Joey Ramone, Blondie, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, The Police and The Dead Boys, to name a few. Unclaimed Freight Productions’ Miller and Savin produced the film along with veteran music publishing executive Brad Rosenberger and Kristal’s daughter Lisa Kristal Burgman. “This is one of the rare films that connects with teenagers and adult rock fans alike.  Who hasn’t seen that CBGB t-shirt before?  Well, this is the place where it all began!” says Savin. Miller, Savin and Rosenberger recently announced their next film, another true-to-life rock ‘n’ roll film based on Gregg Allman’s New York Times bestseller “My Cross To Bear,” which will begin production this Summer and will be distributed by Open Road Films in the U.S.   Gregg Allman and Michael Lehman (Gregg’s manager) are also producers on the project.  

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