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Que Bonito Amor

April 13th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Danna García protagonizará la telenovela 'Qué bonito amor'.

Danna García protagonizará la telenovela ‘Qué bonito amor’.

Univision launches mega hit novela

By: Valerie Milano

 Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Today) 4/12/13 - Univision launches Que Bonito Amor (what a beautiful love), a novela filled with treason, thrill, new beginnings, and the inevitable – love. There are two things that will make Que Bonito Amor, a Salvador Mejia production, standout like no other. The first – the stellar cast which includes Mexico’s sweetheart Angelia Maria, the handsomely rugged Jorge Salinas, the beautiful and versatile Danna Garcia, and introducing Rafael Negrete, grandson of Mexican legend Jorge Negrete; the second , and for the first time ever (at least in recent history), the inclusion of Mariachi music.

 The actors all agree, this is one production that should not be missed. “Now that Mariachi has been proclaimed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity and it’s the underlying theme of the novela, we have an opportunity to promote our musical heritage,” said the musically talented and strikingly handsome Rafael Negrete to Hollywood Today, “this is a novela that will echo the lives of many immigrants in the U.S. The need to start over, to overcome obstacles, and be rooted in our family and culture are the broad strokes of Que Bonito Amor .”

 Without a doubt Que Bonito Amor is a love story.  Yet, it has an immigrant undertone, resonating with the lives of men and women who have had to leave their home town because of lack of opportunity or are being persecuted. “The nostalgia and love you will feel while watching the novela is key to the success,” stated Jorge Salina, the protagonist and main character of Que Bonito Amor, “it’s a novela filled with hope, love, culture and roots. To know where you are going you need to know where you come from. It’s our story. While we cannot replicate what goes on our everyday lives, we can, as characters make known the struggles that immigrants face.”

 Moreover, there will be plenty of mother-daughter issues portrayed by Angelica Maria and Danna Garcia.  “Sometimes Amalia, my character, becomes possessive to protect her three daughters. She [Amalia] comes from a good place and she also overcomes her own series of obstacles,” said the loveable actress Angelica Maria. “It’s a story that will resonate with all the family members.”

It’s no secret that novelas are a part of the Latino, multi-generation, family tradition. Yet, Que Bonito Amor is slated to captivate hearts and minds by the acting of an incredible cast, the themes that touch our souls, and the heart-beating thrill of having mariachi music at center stage.

 Que Bonito Amor premieres on Monday, April 15th on Univision Los Angeles Channel 34 at 10PM, PST.

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  • 2 Dee Sauceda // May 17, 2013 at 6:29 am

    the traditional mariache Music is what makes,”Que Bonito Amor” more romantic.

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