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CBS continues to impress

March 1st, 2013 · No Comments

Lucy Liu and Theo James participate in panels for their shows Elementary and Golden Boy during the CBS portion of the 2013 Winter TCA Press Tour held at the Langham

Lucy Liu and Theo James participate in panels for their shows Elementary and Golden Boy during the CBS portion of the 2013 Winter TCA Press Tour held at the Langham

Midseason premiere of NY cop drama Golden Boy By Valerie Milano Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Today) 3/1/13 –“We are a character driven procedural with roots in NYPD Blue, Law & Order, [and] some of my own personal experiences.  Our show is the story of the rocky path of a rookie homicide detective on his way to becoming the youngest police commissioner in the history of New York City and the seminal people in his life,” executive producer Nicholas Wootton told Hollywood Today and other reporters of Golden Boy in Los Angeles earlier this year. Adding to its already strong lineup, CBS premiered Golden Boy midseason on February 27th.  The Tuesday night drama introduced viewers to Walter William Clark, Jr. played by Theo James, who through controversy and political savvy becomes the youngest police commissioner in New York since Teddy Roosevelt.  The show backtracks to present day and we see Walter Clark as a street cop whose quick rise to fame following a heroic rescue allows him to choose his promotion assignment.  Clark boldly asks to be a homicide detective after only three years on the job.  Referring to his inspiration for Clark’s character, Wootton said, “…a modern-day character of a young man who has this sort of ferocious ambition and…he always wants more than what is on his plate.  What is on his plate is fine, but let’s do the next thing.  What’s the next thing?” When Clark reports to his newly appointed homicide assignment, he is partnered with veteran Detective Don Owen, played by Chi McBride (Boston Public, Gone in 60 Seconds).  Although Clark and Owen don’t initially hit it off, Owen eventually becomes a mentor to the eager Clark.  “We’ve bonded together, and that comes through on screen, and I think it’s great.  And it’s not a typical kind of cop show.  I love that it’s character driven, and Nick [Wootton] has done an incredible job of developing these characters, but as far as me and Theo [are] concerned, the way we look at it, this guy, this is my partner, you know.  We are friends off camera, and our affection goes into or work,” McBride said of his on and off-screen relationship with James. Also molding the newest homicide detective are Detective Christian Arroyo, played by Kevin Alejandro, Detective Deborah McKenzie, played by Bonnie Somerville, and Detective Joe Diaco played by Holt McCallany.  Kevin Alejandro says of playing Detective Arroyo, “…he’s not necessarily a bad guy.  I mean, you’ll see that he’s a great cop, and he will do what it takes to get the job done whether or not he breaks a rule or two, you know…you really get to know each one of these characters…you feel for him.” Keeping Clark’s moral compass due north is his younger sister, Agnes, played by Stella Maeve.  Maeve said of her character, “She’s tough, troubled.  She kind of gets to see a side of Clark that nobody else gets to see, you know.  He’s kind of—he’s never vulnerable…She’s all he has…they are the only constant thing.” “In the first season…there’s no real element of the Clark character having any sense of, ‘I want to be the police commissioner.’  That is something that is going to evolve…but you see the sort of elements that are clicking into place that is going to take him to become the man he is.  He is by far not the nicest guy in the world when he becomes commissioner.  He is a man who…has matured enormously from who he is today to who he will be in seven years, but he’s suffered a great deal.  He takes a lot on the chin,” executive producer Nicholas Wootton said of Walter Clark’s character. Golden Boy is on CBS, Tuesday nights at 10pm.  The premiere episode can be viewed online at http://www.cbs.com/shows/golden_boy/premiere/.

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