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The Face on Oxygen

February 11th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Naomi Campbell, the 42-year-old Supermodel has some advice for aspiring walkers the world over

Naomi Campbell, the 42-year-old Supermodel has some advice for aspiring walkers the world over

  By Valerie Milano Pasadena, CA (Hollywood Today) 2/11/13 – February 12 on Oxygen, 12 lovely, fresh faced supermodel-wanna-be’s from around the globe will team up with one of 3 fabulous and well-known, international faces to compete on Oxygen’s new series, “The Face”. Rod Aissa, Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development for Oxygen Media said, “Let’s just face it. This lady is a legend. She is an icon. She has graced over 500 magazine covers and has been used for top designers around the world” Rod Aissa said of supermodel and executive producer, Naomi Campbell. “She has been breaking barriers for models, for women and women of color since she first stepped out on the runway.” Joining Ms. Campbell as supermodel-coaches are Victoria’s Secret model, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha with celeb photographer Nigel Barker. Although there have been previous modeling/reality contests, Campbell explained to Hollywood Today and other reporters at the NBCUni portion of the winter press tour in Pasadena, “there is no model handbook. Coming from the ’90s, we basically just had to learn as we went along, and, of course, I would ask Iman or other models who were around me to show me how to do things.” On the hunt for the next Naomi/Karolina/Coco is one part of the show, the other being finding someone who “is driven, passionate, can take direction. It’s someone that, you know, walks into the room and takes your breath away,” said Campbell. Specifically, they are searching for the new face of Ulta Beauty. The winner will receive a contract and will be named the face of a major brand, the highest honor in the modeling business. Photographer and host, Nigel Barker was last seen as a judge on “America’s Next Top Model” with Tara Banks. “The Face” will be different he explained. “This is about fashion. This is exactly what it’s about. This is about the modeling business. This is real clients, with real jobs and each week you’re going to get a client that judges the girls. It’s the client that books the models and picks who wins.” It’s also about the girls themselves and their journey, added Campbell, “we are their sounding board for the time that they’re with us. They’re away from their families. We are their everything, not only their mentors.” On the series premiere the girls from each team move into the fabulous loft and participate in their first competition, the test shoot, focusing on knowledge and creativity. ‘Who Wore it Better?” is geared to challenge the contestants to create their best look while wearing the same item of clothing as another, followed by the second challenge which requires the girls to interpret story boards for W Magazine. Mr. Barker is enjoying being the host of “The Face” and the models. “They are inspirational. They have a light in their eyes. They have a drive. They’ve got ambition. They’ve got motivation. They got energy. And these factors are what transform them into being supermodels”.

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  • 1 Lucy Cleveland // Feb 20, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    I have to agree with the Asian gal who keeps calling out Sandra for having no class, because she doesn’t! What is it with these gals with filthy mouths like on ANTM with Tyra Banks where they call them all “bitches”. This generation of women have no class. I would think models would want to be role models. But if Sandra is an example, forget it. Same goes for foul mouth Naomi

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