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February 7th, 2013 · 1 Comment

TCA WINTER PRESS TOUR 2013 The Cast & Producers of CBS' VEGAS on set during the TCA Studio Day

TCA WINTER PRESS TOUR 2013 The Cast & Producers of CBS’ VEGAS on set during the TCA Studio Day

Set Vist for Winter 2013 Press Tour
By Valerie Milano
Santa Clarita, CA (Hollywood Today) 2/7/13 -
VEGAS CBS Season 1 Episode 14 February 5, 2013 Dennis Quaid Stars as Ralph Lamb in a drama inspired by the true story of former Las Vegas Sheriff Ralph Lamb. A fourth-generation rancher asked to bring order to the Las Vegas in the 1960′s.  The Clark County Sherrif’s Department has a lot on their hands with the setting of VEGAS being in the beginnings of the Chicago mob aggressively taking over the gaming industry. 
Nicolas Pileggi explained how powerful Sheriff Lamb was back in the day, “if you were a casino and Ralph Lamb didn’t like you, he would yank your liquor license. And try to be a casino without a liquor license. I couldn’t believe this guy with the power. And I tried to get him to talk and he didn’t talk for a while. Arthur Sarkissian was the one who got Ralph Lamb to talk and he did.”
Quaid had the opportunity to visit Ralph Lamb at the beginning of the year and found him happy with his portrayal in the series, “he’s really happy with the way things are going and it’s great. It’s the first time I had actually been over to his house., ” he explained, “we’ve become really close, kind of almost father-son. Aside from playing the character, I like being around him.
“He’s still very western and he’s still very pure, true to who he is. He’s really like an old cowboy.”
This episode of Vegas opens up with “Previously on Vegas” showing the recap of Johhny’s issues with Jack and Johnny Rizzo’s murder, setting the tone for the rest of the hour long show.  Jason O’Mara (Jack Lamb) then tells Mia Rizzo that her Father is dead and when asked what happened he denies knowing anything.  Let’s remember Jack Lamb is Mia Rizzo’s boyfriend.  His facial expressions throughout the rest of the show were outstanding as he twists and turns stories as he tries to cover the murder he committed.
Destined to clash, Chiklas and Quaid are usually on opposite sides of most situations, and Quaid summed their relationship up, “It’s almost like they are from another country, really, speaking different languages, in a way. He owns the building but I own the land underneath it.” But they’re not always at odds.
Vincent Savino (Casino manager/Chicago Mobster) is instantly accused as being the “third-man” in the Murder Triangle that Lamb and Rizzo created.  He is brought in for questioning by the DA and easily denies all allegations and storms out of the sheriff’s office.  A man in a suit is not to be messed with in this cowboy town.  Savino and Lamb are playing each other as well as keeping their secret safe.  A gaming show playing mind games…imagine that.
All murders aside, Mia, who has just lost her father, is offered a job in Savino’s Casino. She declines the job offer asks for a higher up position and they shake hands.  Meet the new Casino Operations Manager, Mia Rizzo.  Mia can now try to solve her murder mystery while Savino watches her every move.
Deputy Dixon is solving his own case as he finds his high school friend Pete in a stolen car.  After some investigating Sherriff and Deputy Lamb(s) figure out that there is a ring of car thieves, busts the dessert thieves and solves Pete’s problem with his lying “high school sweetheart” wife who was trying to kill him for custody of their daughter.
Lastly Savino has the annoyance of Tommy, who is a talent manager at the Hacienda who first steals his showcase artist and slowly all of his musicians.  At the closing of the episode you think Tommy is a dead man as he meets Savino in a back entryway, turns out this was Tommy’s way of getting Savino’s attention and hustling a job with Savino.  Stay tuned to see if Tommy survives this little game he is trying to play.
“One of the things that we are trying to do in the show in the back half of the show — the front half of the show was really about the East Coast coming to the west and kind of taking over and the conflict between the old Vegas, as represented by Sheriff Lamb, Dennis’s character, and the new Vegas by Vincent Savino, Michael’s character” Saigon Greg Walker.

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