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The Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel photographs by Timothy White

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Timothy White

Timothy White

                        By Jimmy Steinfeldt West Hollywood,CA(Hollywood Today)2/4/13/– The Morrison Hotel Gallery is thrilled to announce the  opening of The Morrison Hotel Gallery at the luxury and legendary hotel Sunset Marquis, known as the serene garden oasis nestled just below the bustling Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. With its longstanding tradition and reputation amongst musicians and the entertainment industry, Sunset Marquis is the perfect venue for the launch. Timothy White Interview JS: What photographers have influenced you? TW: Oh my, originally it was The Family of Man book.  Then Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, people like that. JS: What in particular about their work grabbed your attention? TW: Their ability to be creative in a commercial environment.  To have their own vision. To combine fine art and commercial work.  Penn for instance would photograph many genres including still lifes, portraits, and fashion however his photos were about the “Irving Penn” vision as opposed to a certain genre of photography. JS: You studied Art. What artists influenced you?  TW: I went to the Rhode Island School of Design. It’s hard to choose my favorites but certainly Edward Hopper, and then the Dutch Maters in terms of lighting and richness in their canvases. My influences are across the board but I mention those because of their use of light.  JS: I saw the Caravaggio exhibit here in Los Angeles at LACMA and recommend you see it before it closes this weekend.  TW: I love going to the MET in NY and taking the day, it’s emotional, I end up in tears half the time just walking around. Not just the history and beauty of it. I get overwhelmed by the artists’ efforts.  JS: What camera are you shooting with these days? TW: Well commercially a Hasselblad H4, tethered to a G5, and I work with a technician who manages the capture program for me. It’s a complex thing.  I also do personal photography and the camera varies: An 8×10 film camera still shooting analog black & white sheet film. I love shooting with the view camera and being able to print it and then deal with it digitally. I’m working on a new book about my parents who are both 93 years old. I shoot them often with an iphone since it’s convenient and allows me to capture the moment, especially given the subject matter. I print all my own images. Many years ago I had others do it at labs or in house but now I do it all by myself and it is so pleasing to me. It used to be dark room work, and now it is a digital process. I’ve learned to make amazing large prints from my iphone.  JS: Is there a camera that you’ve always wanted but haven’t gotten yet? TW: I’ve shot with everything of course, from a pinhole camera to the most expensive digital camera. I do have a Leica but I don’t have ‘the’ Leica.  It’s probably something I don’t have but still want. I shied away from 35mm early on in shooting analog and I went to medium format, especially Roloflex. I have 5 of them from 1949 to the late 50s and I still shoot with them.  JS: You mentioned 35mm and I think of someone we both knew and that’s Jim Marshall. Of course you knew him quite well and did the Match Prints book with him I believe? TW: A close friend of mine for 25 years. In fact I’m the person who found him dead in his hotel room in NY. JS: He is one of the people who influenced me and I know influenced you. TW. On a lot of levels not just photographically. JS: I associate Jim Marshall so much with 35mm.
Timothy White The Morrison Hotel Gallery

Timothy White The Morrison Hotel Gallery

        TW: And with his Leicas! They were always on his shoulder. They became synonymous with Jim. The thing about Leicas are they always showed their wear, unlike stainless steal and other materials. Leica with that black paint always showed that wear. The work that was involved with those machines, and Jim’s in particular, showed the wear of a man who really used them. It was a very recognizable part of Jim’s attire.  I remember him opening up his safe and showing me his various guns and cameras and all that, and of course what stood out was the patina on those cameras.  I think one of the images of his worn out cameras is part of the Jim Marshall website. JS: Is there anyone you haven’t photographed that you’d like to? TW:  I just feel lucky to have photographed so many amazing artists such as Audrey Hepburn, and Robert Mitchum. It makes me feel really good that I caught at least the tail-end of their careers and lives. JS: Tell us something about the Morrison Hotel Gallery and the upcoming show. TW: I’ve been staying at the Sunset Marquis Hotel since the mid 80s.  I flew into LA from NY every other week. I was very comfortable with the hotel and they were comfortable with me. I shot many, many stars in and around the hotel, in the lobby and in the rooms. At some point I kinda went away after staying there for so long and made other rounds at other hotels. And then I came back and was so embraced by the hotel. The same owners, same management, same manager. They treated me like a king. They wanted to interview me for their book on the 50th anniversary and use some of my photographs.  I even did an ad campaign for the hotel taking pictures for them. So we had a very strong, long relationship. When I came back they had done a lot of renovation and added new villas and more to the property. Part of what they had done was put images of some of the famous guests on the walls.  I liked it a lot but when I sat down with the manager and owner this last summer I said the photos should be more iconic and that I’d like to build the collection for them. I based the collection on the Morrison Hotel Gallery which is based on the most iconic images by the best photographers of the biggest people. I told the Sunset Marquis that if I built this collection it could be a destination for people to come to and see great Rock & Roll photography.  This tied in with conversations I had had with the Morrison Hotel Gallery over the years about partnering up with someone to expand their brand. So I put together the collection of photographs for the Sunset Marquis and now the photos appear throughout the hotel and there is a Morrison Hotel Gallery in the lobby of the hotel. JS: How did you come to know and work with Julian Lennon?  TW: I did his 2nd and 3rd album covers. We’ve known each other for 29 years. I’d also done magazine covers for him. We did a photo session about 4 years ago.  I sent him the jpegs to look at.  He sent them back to me with all these special effects he had done to them. I asked him “what did you do to my pictures?” He said he was doing photoshop, which I had no idea he had been doing. I looked at the photography he had done and at his photoshop work and realized this was something he reveled in. So I began to sort of mentor him. Later when I was working on the Morrison Hotel Gallery I said to my partners there “you represent photographers who do music how about a musician who does photography?” So I arranged for Julian to be represented by the Morrison Hotel Gallery and I’ve organized 3 other shows of Julian’s work around the country.  JS: Timothy would you like to say anything about your love of cars?  TW: It’s been something I’ve been doing since before I had my driver’s license, when I was a little boy with Matchbox cars.  I’ve been collecting cars and it’s been a passion in my life. I’m not a mechanic but I know all the marquis (logos), the years the dials and so on. JS: I’m a photographer for the Make A Wish Foundation and I know you do a lot of work for worthy causes. Please tell us something about that. TW: It might have been Maya Anjelou who said service is the price you pay to do what you do in life. I feel it’s something that you have to do. Also it feels good to be able to share what you do with organizations that help other people. It’s one thing to write checks, which I do, but it’s special when I can shoot an ad campaign or commercial or bring my celebrity friends on board in a worthy cause. That’s something that is so satisfying because I know I am using my work to help others. http://www.timothywhite.com “THE MORRISON HOTEL GALLERY” OPENS FEBRUARY 7, 2013 AT THE SUNSET MARQUIS IN WEST HOLLYWOOD https://www.morrisonhotelgallery.com/gallery/default.aspx?galleryID=15   Curated By Internationally Acclaimed Photographer Timothy White, The Morrison Hotel Gallery Adds A Fine Art Photography Collection To The Sunset Marquis As The Property Celebrates It’s 50th Year (New York, NY – January 14, 2013) The Morrison Hotel Gallery is thrilled to announce the  opening of The Morrison Hotel Gallery at the luxury and legendary hotel Sunset Marquis, known as the serene garden oasis nestled just below the bustling Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. With its longstanding tradition and reputation amongst musicians and the entertainment industry, Sunset Marquis is the perfect venue for the launch.   Set inside the lobby, across from famed Bar 1200 and above Nightbird full-service recording studios, The Morrison Hotel Gallery will occupy the gallery space exhibiting a selection of major fine art photography from an archive of world-class music and sports photographers. The Morrison Hotel Gallery co-owner Timothy White, one of the most iconic and sought after celebrity portrait photographers in the field for over twenty years, is curating while extending beyond the gallery walls. Photographs will be displayed throughout the 4-acre property, inside the hotel lobby, breezeway, RESTAURANT, and SPA Garden.   “We are very excited that Timothy White will be curating an evolving exhibition of rock and roll and sports fine art photography for Sunset Marquis,” says Rod Gruendyke, Sunset Marquis’ General Manager.   As the home away from home to everyone from global music icons to famed comedians, slick madmen and fashionistas from the around the world, Sunset Marquis continues to evolve by adding The Morrison Hotel as an unprecedented, high-end gallery unlike any West Hollywood hotel property.   Unique and exciting events will be announced monthly.   Gallery Hours Monday through Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM 310-881-6025 http://sunsetmarquis.com/ More Information on The Morrison Hotel Gallery This exciting new opening builds on the international success of the Morrison Hotel Gallery, which just celebrated its 12th anniversary in the fashionable and culture rich SOHO area of New York City. Peter Blachley, a former record company executive, Richard Horowitz, a music industry professional and Henry Diltz, a legendary music photographer, founded the Morrison Hotel Gallery in 2001. The gallery has since grown to become a major brand in fine art music photography and is respected amongst peers and artists alike. Please visit www.morrisonhotelgallery.com


More Information on Sunset Marquis

Sunset Marquis has been an inner sanctum for rock and roll musicians and Hollywood players looking to disappear into the abyss for a spell, since 1963. Located just off the famed Sunset Strip, the hotel has maintained a Zen-like design with a rock-and-roll spirit all throughout the years. Completed in 2009, the property underwent a $30 million dollar renovation and expansion including the introduction of 40 private Mediterranean-style Villas, 3200 square foot Presidential Villa, 2 pools, SPA, and indoor/outdoor RESTAURANT. In spring 2013, the all-suites main building will boast a complete redesign and fitness center. images-2           Jimmy Steinfeldt   Photographer/Writer:  http://www.jimmysteinfeldt.com/   facebook.com/jimmysteinfeldt

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