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Arsenio – He’s Back!

January 30th, 2013 · 1 Comment

arsenio picThe “Woofman” is back –  the original, Arsenio Hall. By Valerie Milano Miami, FL (Hollywood Today) 1/30/13  - I had the chance to sit down with Arsenio at the NATPE 2013 Market and Conference at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami. “Um, wow I’m a pretty happy guy.  I’ve really, really been blessed and by the way the only way you know happiness and blessings is because you’ve experienced the other end of that spectrum,” Arsenio philosophized.  “You gotta be away from work to know whether you like work, you know?  You gotta be away from it to know how much you love having it.” One of the original Kings of Late-Night, before Jimmy  or Conan, there was Hall.  ON air from 1989-1994, It’s been quite a few years since the Arsenio Hall Show graced our living rooms, but on September 9th, he will return to the late-night landscape. No matter how long he’s been off the talk show circuit he still gets woofed at wherever he goes.         We’ve seen him battle through Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” 5th season and on a daytime talk show, but he’s been making it known he would like to return to late night. One of the reasons people love to tune in to Arsenio is his natural curiosity. “I asked Larry King for advice 20 years ago and he said ‘You’re gonna be fine because you’re curious and that’s what it takes. “And everybody has something that makes them different with a guest. And I’m gonna bring my own persona back to it.” One particular story about why Hall would want to return to television talk I’d heard before but had to have him repeat for me. After a dinner one evening, his lawyer called to say, “Quincy Jones addressed a Beverly Hills ballroom and brought your name up out of nowhere.  A non sequitur about how this business misses the “Arsenio Hall Show” and how he wishes it was still here. I heard about that and it sent me on a mission.  You know, God probably just sent Quincy to give me a jump start because I was thinking it too.” Just to bring the point home, Hall was at “The George Lopez Show” waiting for Lopez so they could go to a Laker game after taping. The musical guest was Snoop Dogg. “George texts me in his dressing room and he says come out here. So I go out there and he says ‘You put Snoop on the first time, didn’t you?”  And I said, “Yes” and he says, “You should introduce him.” “Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Snoop Doggy Dog” people are barking. The little curtain rolls and you see Snoop.  At that point I was like they are gonna have to kill me to keep me away from late night.” There is a lot of late-night competition, but Arsenio isn’t feeling the pressure from anyone but himself. “I gotta bring an accelerated version of what I brought before.  Some guys start their new show and they have no expectations,” he told me. “I gotta bar that’s up there that I gotta try to at least match.  So sometimes I look at it in this unique situation I’m my only competition.  I created my own hell.”  

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  • 1 Andre' Haynes // Feb 5, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Arsenio … How America has missed him. I remember staying up late and watching his show as a teenager. Aresenio stuck his hand in the fire with controversial guests that everyone else strayed away from. I respect his going against the grain and independence. I look forward to seeing his show. Best of luck Aresenio.

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