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Sundance Film Festival 2013: Sixties fashion trends at Sundance

January 25th, 2013 · 3 Comments

Sixties at Sundance download   By A.M. Charles Park City, UT(Hollywood Today)1/25/13/—The success of AMC’s Mad Men has given a rebirth to sixties fashion trends for the past few seasons. Walk into any mall and merchants such as Ann Taylor and J. Crew have short sixties style dresses for women and hats for men. This year at Sundance the trend can be seen on the screen and on the streets. download-3download-6               EMANUEL and The TRUTH ABOUT FISHES written and directed by Francesca Gregorini and starring Kaya Scoledario, Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina and Frances O’Conner is a wonderful new film about a troubled girl who becomes obsessed with her mysterious, new neighbor, who bears a striking resemblance to her dead mother. In offering to babysit her newborn, Emanuel enters a fragile, fictional world and becomes the woman’s protector and guardian. Although this film isn’t period, the style of the film certainly reflects the sixties. Jessica Biel’s costumes are whimsical, flowing and ultra hippie. Frances O’Conner, who’s character is struggling to be a part of Emanuel’s life, is dressed in late 50’s garb, and Emanuel herself sports spunky clothes that lean toward a sixties motif. Even some extras are wearing sixties styles, most notably a nurse in a hospital scene, with tiny hat and all. There are no cell phones to be seen and no cars, except one interior toward the end of the film. While the actual time setting of this film is left vague, the intended style aesthetic is crystal clear. download-7                 Even the gifting suites at Sundance are going with the trend this year. In The Miami Lounge, Designer Johnny Was, known for his elegant embroidery on jackets, dresses and blouses, also had flowing silk tunics and dresses this year. Was also does hippie cool handbags and accessories. Celebs including Jane Lynch and other VIP’s in attendance were walking away with pieces from the new spring line, resplendent in “Boho- Chic.” If you weren’t lucky enough to be there in person you can find your own Johnny Was online at: http://www.johnnywas.com/

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