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January 20th, 2013 · 1 Comment

KTLA’s Elizabeth Espinosa Adds CNN Latino Duties

KTLA’s Elizabeth Espinosa Adds CNN Latino Duties

ONLY IN LOS ANGELES: ELIZABETH ESPINOSA IS A WOMAN WITHOUT LIMITS By Valerie Milano Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Today ) 1/20/13 –   According to Espinosa, “Sin Limites is a further acknowledgement of the growing numbers of Latinos in the state.” According to Governor Brown’s report, Latinos will become California’s largest ethnic group by the end of 2013.   “Without a doubt, Latinos are not only monolingual and monoculture, we transcend and acculturate,” explains Elizabeth, “That’s what Sin Limites is about – we have no limits in achieving our American dream.” Known as the charming and charismatic KTLA-5 reporter, Elizabeth Espinosa who for decades has given you breaking news, weather reports, and a 2007 Emmy award, is now taking Los Angeles by storm in her new CNN Latino segment, Sin Limites. The native Angeleno, whose parents are of Mexican and Salvadoran decent, comes from a working class background. Elizabeth credits her success, not only to her parents that encouraged her to achieve the American dream, but the bicultural society which has seen her become a respected journalist.  “Opportunity comes through hard work and because you believe in yourself,” stated Espinosa, “being trilingual (Espinosa speaks fluent Italian) and bicultural gives you an edge to understanding two worlds.” Her hard work and bicultural roots in media has paid off; Elizabeth has not only reported on the forgotten children of Uganda, the arranged marriages of Pakistan, but has consistently highlighted the needs of disabled children internationally;  An issue close to her heart as her younger brother is disabled due to medical malpractice. Issues such as these, which are often left in oblivion, have been given a voice through the powerful microphone Elizabeth holds. CNN Latino is launching a one hour magazine segment, Sin Limites, with Elizabeth Espinosa as its host.  Called a “passionate communicator” by Cynthia Hudson-Fernandez, senior vice president and general manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic strategy for CNN/U.S, Elizabeth will host live debates, have experts for panel discussions, and offer solutions to improve the quality of life of the Latino community. What makes Elizabeth Espinosa a woman without limits? The deep understanding that she did not get to where she was at on her own. “Many people crossed my path along the road to success. Without the love and support of my parents, my friends, my mentors and forging powerful relationships along the way, I wouldn’t be here,” claims Elizabeth.  Creative, eloquent, and with a vision that merges worlds into one beautiful mosaic, Elizabeth Espinosa promises that Sin Limites will be about her beloved Latino community and all those who tune in. Sin Limites launches Monday, January 28th at 8PM on CNN Latino – channel 63, Los Angeles.      

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