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NOT FADE AWAY which is a song title and now a movie “I loved it”

December 25th, 2012 · 1 Comment

nfa_emailer_b                       By Harvey Sid Fisher   HOLLYWOOD (Hollywood Today)12/25/12/— December 17, 2012 at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood, California: the screening of  NOT FADE AWAY which is a song title and now a movie  about a group of young determined high school students in the 1960′s who get together to form a band. This movie has everything: sex, drugs, and rock & roll. It serves as a wonderful how-to-do-it manual for starting a band  with its concomitant pitfalls of internecine rivalry from within as well as the torrential spate of hapless odds from without. It is a seductively entertaining road map of heated ambition leading to melted dreams that would eventually reincarnate something worthy from the ashes. Or so I assumed. With seamless formulaic efficiency the sub plots buttress the story and spurred this audient to root for a win win win. Unfortunately the movie fizzles out at the very last minute with a surprise dead-end ending.  It is as if the production  ran out of money,  time, or story and stopped in a most stupifiedly unsatisfying place of velleity. The lead character who has been arduously striving for stardom ends up stranded in night time Los Angeles silently walking down a dark and lonely boulevard and from nowhere a young girl steps into the foreground frame to talk to the camera and dance in the middle of the empty street. And that is it. The End. That is where the movie leaves us; emotionally burgled. No payoff, just rip-off. I was jilted and jolted by its disobedience to destiny. If I wanted  pointless nihility I have real-life sources I can easily access. This ending is a good cliff hanger for a tv series but not for   NOT FADE AWAY, the movie. Too bad.  I was enjoying the film all the way up to when the end titles announced that this movie is over which stripped me of all my good feelings. Maybe DAVID CHASE the writer/director has shot or will shoot an alternate ending that would properly serve this deserving story. I hope hope hope. DAVID CHASE is the creator of the tv series, The Sopranos, which has given him a huge cache of reputable success.  Only a Hollywood creative superpower could take a perfectly good movie and effect it with the conviction of a gigantic bad idea. The little guys don’t make these big mistakes. They can’t afford to. An unknown writer would remain unknown if they tried to begin a career with such an ending no matter how befitting the title. It takes an army of voiced involvement to get a movie made; the creatives and the suits. I would like to poll David’s army to find out who were the yes-men and who kept silent and who disagreed with him about the… Oh never mind. It’s Christmas eve. I’m done. High praise for the fantastic acting of the ensemble cast that made the moments to moments so true, so memorable and so not fade awaying. I loved it. images-2             Harvey Sid Fisher www.harveysidfisher.com www.youtube.com/astrologysongs      

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  • 1 Jim Dawson // Dec 25, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Since Harvey Sid chooses not to “spoil” the ending, I’m almost persuaded to see the movie for that reason alone. Almost. The title phrase, “Not Fade Away,” has always intrigued me. There are a dozen books, mostly about rock music, with that title, and they all come from the famous song, written by Buddy Holly; it was the B-side of the 1958 hit “Oh Boy” by his group The Crickets, and I suspect the odd wording was simply a compression of “Love Will Not Fade Away” to fit on the small 45-rpm label. Nearly everyone has remade the song, most famously The Rolling Stones, though I don’t think anyone has ever topped Holly’s simple version. If I were reviewing this film, it would probably affect my opinion if some character didn’t at least make mention of Holly’s place in the history of the song, especially since it gave the film its title.

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