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Julien’s of Beverly Hills The Michael Jackson Auction “The King Of Style”

December 3rd, 2012 · 2 Comments

            By Geoffrey Maingart Beverly Hills, CA(Hollywood Today)12/3/12/—The auction at Julien’s of Beverly Hills took place yesterday, Sunday, 2nd of December and it was a unique and exciting show.  Log on at this address:  http://www.juliensauctions.com/auctions/2012/tompkins-and-bush/index.html.  All of the pop icon’s most famous costumes from Michael Bush’s collection were there to behold along with amazing pieces of memorabilia from the artist’s career.  Both auctioneers were quite brilliant and often very funny.               When one signed pillowcase sold for $1700, the auctioneer commented that dreams come true.  When the second pillowcase come up, he asked if they need two on the bed. The Bad Tour shirt sold for $120,000.  A lot of bidding took place over the internet and by phone.           One young bidder bought nearly all of the most famous pieces, the highest realizing a price of $280,000.  Other famous jackets and gloves sold in the six figure range with two others also selling for more than $200,000 each.  It seems that this one bidder bought 55 items and it was announced today that the secret bidder that he was representing was none other than Lady Gaga who announced that she was the bidder and will work to preserve these historical items for the future.  She easily spent millions in the sale.  She made sure that all of the most famous outfits were not up for grabs. Michael Bush did explain to me that much of the proceeds are being donated to charity.  The exhibition that took place for days at the auction house was also exhibited in London, Tokyo, Santiago and Ireland.  It is great that most of the great outfits will remain together as a permanent collection.  These included the Thriller, Bad jackets, Beat It, the crystal and fantasy (sold for $160,000) gloves and the amazing creations that Bush and Tomkins made for Jackson’s many award appearances and public events. There was a moment of silence commemorating the passing of Dennis Tomkins exactly one year ago.  The book released last week by Michael Bush is available as a historical anthology of the many great costumes created by these two designers who changed the look of music and pop.           There were quite a few unusual characters present at the auction including a Michael Jackson look alike that garnered a lot of attention.  It was amazing to be in the room with the famous outfits and fedoras and signed photos and artifacts.  It will be interesting to see whether Lady Gaga will make a museum out of the collection for future fans to enjoy.              

Michael Bush – Dressing Michael Jackson, “The King Of Style”

By Geoffrey Maingart http://www.hollywoodtoday.net/2012/11/21/michael-bush-dressing-michael-jackson-the-king-of-style/   Insight Editions Books Available “http://www.insighteditions.com/The-King-Style-Dressing-Michael/dp/1608871517?class=quickView&field_availability=-1&field_browse=2661569011&field_keywords=jackson&field_product_site_launch_date_utc=-1y&id=The+King+Style+Dressing+Michael&ie=UTF8&refinementHistory=brandtextbin%2Csubjectbin%2Ccolor_map%2Cprice%2Csize_name&searchKeywords=jackson&searchNodeID=2661569011&searchPage=1&searchRank=salesrank&searchSize=12      

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  • 1 corlista // Dec 4, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Of course, the auction netted 2-3 times what “experts” projected. This is the King we’re talking about. His influence and legacy will only continue to grow and those that can afford a piece of that glory will have their paddles in the air every chance they get. I only wish I could have been one of them…

  • 2 Janet // Jan 1, 2013 at 5:33 am

    dit :slt a tout moi c hermann je suis iveoiirn je fan de micheal jackson et cela me fait male qu’il est mort et j’aimerai devenir comme luis mai jai pas les moyens pour aller etats unit car cela est mon reve de devenire comme lui et d’aller en usa car je suis tres faort en dance i love you micheal

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