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Day Four of 25 days of Holiday Gifts: Tori Hartman Keeping Calm this Season

November 30th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Prosperity Candle

This daily gift guide will feature one gift per day. Today is Tori Hartman’s candles and Jewelry that will help your intuition and keep you calm this holiday season. By Gabrielle Pantera Hollywood CA, (Hollywood Today) 2012/11/30 – Tori Hartman, Inc. carries a line of spiritual accessories designed to help you manifest miracles of transformation in your everyday life. Each product will help guide the way to attracting the things you seek. These items are for people who want to connect with their intuition and spirituality. The Chakra Elegance necklaces uses color to help you spiritually. Here are few examples of what the colors represent.

Insight Indigo $99.00

Red is for source or to start from the ground up. Blue is for Purity and honesty. Indigo (Darker blue) represents your third eye in the charka There are other colors to choose from. These elegant pieces will add glamor to anything you wear. Which one calls to you? Each piece is $99.00 Chakra Elegance Collection: www.torihartman.com/shop/pc/Chakra-Elegance-c74.htm

Color Wisdom cards this is the Learning package $119.00

This Deck was created following Tori Hartman’s near death experience. . In the five year period following her near death experience, Hartman was visited by more than 45 spirits sharing their stories. They were fables with color themes, and inspiration behind each story. The color wisdom cards can help you develop your intuitive powers. This can become a life long study and you can learn more about yourself. The Color Wisdom Cards are the first card deck to be designed to: Check the authenticity of one’s goal or intention. Offer a way to pinpoint family dynamics and clear them. Be used in a “goal” group. You have a few choices for the Color Wisdom card sets: Master Color Wisdom cards, Learning Package, Box set and workbook package or the autographed set. The prices start at $32.95 and go up to $159.00 depending on the set you choose. Color Wisdom Card Decks: www.torihartman.com/shop/pc/Buy-the-Cards-c97.htm

Wisdom Card Ring- Lucy from indigo $25.00 each

Color Wisdom Rings are handmade rings. Each ring depicts a fable that Tori received in dreams from angels. The rings can give you strength and wisdom. Color Wisdom Card Rings come with free Mp3 Download. of psychic Tori Hartman revealing the meaning of your card and more about the card. There is also a Workbook Page to work with your Angel ring. $25.00 each Color Wisdom Card Rings: www.torihartman.com/shop/pc/Color-Wisdom-Rings-c150.htm

Intention Candle Divine love $35.00

Intention candles are hand-poured by a Reiki practitioner using organic soy based wax. These candles weigh two pounds with crystals hidden in the wax that carry the energy of your intention. The crystals represent the five energy points – wind, air, fire, water, earth. After using the candle you can reuse the jar and keep your tokens inside. You also get a free Intention Setting book. This book will help you figure out what day of the week is best to light your candle and other details. The candle arrives packaged in a soft velour chocolate brown blessing sack. $35.00 each Intention Candles: www.torihartman.com/shop/pc/Intention-Candles-c43.htm Color Wisdom Card App for your iPod or iPad that you can have with you to help access your intuition. $4.99 http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=36ak06zuMFY&subid=&offerid=146261.1&type=10&tmpid=3909&RD_PARM1=http%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Fus%2Fapp%2Fcolor-wisdom-cards-y-tori%2Fid554065818%3Fmt%3D8 To see more of what Tori Hartman has go to www.torihartman.com

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