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Concept Fashion LA – Spring 2013 Preview

November 24th, 2012 · 3 Comments

  Hollywood CA (Hollywood Today) 11/24/2012 Photos & story by Karen Ostlund “Concept fashion – it’s when music, art & fashion come together as one” It takes place twice a year. This season it got a new location at Siren Studios, 6063 W. Sunset blvd in Hollywood.

Mike Vensel Spring 2013 Collection

Concept fashion week, Hollywood’s bi-annual event, got a new location at Siren Studios this season,  and welcomed 10 designers, with one whole day & night of runway shows,  and creative installations. October 13th fashion- presentations featured spring 2013 season’s runway collections and installations by: BASIL, Aeneas Erlking, Paul Redmond, Elliott Evan, Camila X Castillo, martinMARTIN, Belle N. Matisse, NAMI, Nuvula and Mike Vensel. Concept fashion week was founded by fashion designer Mike Vensel and downtown Los Angeles visionary Brady Westwater in 2010. The concept was seen as a new alternative for designers wanting to showcase their latest collections under their own terms. Vensel and Westwater had produced fashion shows in Los Angeles since 2004, and also worked together to launch many shows over the years. Concept fashion day has become the creative platform born out of the modern Mecca of marketing, which is Los Angeles today. The aim of Concept is to merge entertainment with some of the most upcoming fashion designers, artists and musicians of the moment.

Camila X Castillo design

Aeneas Erlking, was formerly known as Generation Goldmine, when it was launched in June 2011. The very first collection of contemporary women’s wear welcomed to the world a high end fashion of “refined Italian tailoring meets British punk”, 80s’ glam together with endless controversy and provocation. Erlking is a fashion label well-know for its highly innovative, edgy, and anarchistic designs that constructed with wildly luxurious materials.

Aeneas Erlking Spring 2013

The Elliott Evan’s spring 2013 debut collection is called “In Dreams Forever”; Patterning techniques mixed with lighthearted and almost sarcastic prints, are used together with vinyl – which Evan said was very difficult to work with. The line has mixed familiar masculine cuts with more delicate fabrics. Elliott Evan is still only a men’s collection.

Elliott Evan’s vinyl-look Spring 2013

martinMARTIN’s spring 2013 “Structure & Anti-Structure” is a wearable avant-garde clothing line—A revolt against glamour in the traditional sense, a redefinition of the word for a generation that does not relate to uptight, old-style elegance. The collection is predominantly woven with some stretch accents; a relaxed approach conveyed through soft fabrications and architecturally inspired shapes. The line is unisex urban stylish, with influences from American, Japanese and Italian cultures.

martinMARTIN black, white & red for Spring 2013

martinMARTIN examines the relationship between masculine and feminine, off-kilter vs. perfectly balanced and high chic over street themes. The line also carries shoes, boots, bags and an accessories collection. Belle N. Matisse was founded in 2010 by “indie” designer Alexandria “Belle” Norman at the age of 18.  The line organically blends architectural, geometric silhouettes in t-shirts and tanks in luxe fabrics, including Italian tufted sweaters and form fitting blazers with leather accents.

Belle N. Matisse Spring 2013- the bohemian look

The spring 2013 Belle N.Matisse collection is accenting cool black & white, and flowing snake-skin print blouses. Next season also features Woodstock-style maxi dresses, and menswear inspired drop-seat trousers and shorts – the bohemian way.   Sarah Ahn, is principal designer for NAMI collection. She creatively and admirably use rose colors, asymmetrical cuts, over-sized pretenses and contradictory fabrics that make up a strong LA brand and clothing line.

NAMI Spring 2013

The Nuvula spring 2013 collection idea is based around the “origami” style pleat technique. The silhouette inspiration comes from the 1950’s pin-up era.                   Rayon, burlap-type woven fabric is present in most of the garments and folded in this Japanese technique, to give structure and texture to a variety of corseted tops and dresses.           The pencil skirts are below the knee, to give a complete look with the corseted tops, which are accentuating the high waist, and flared at the hips. All-leather–like materials used are vegan leathers and were lined with bamboo fabric for freshness.

Nuvula Spring 2013

Mike Vensel’s photo is from the showroom

Paul Redmond Spring 2013, “squares & triangles”


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