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Michael Bush – Dressing Michael Jackson, “The King Of Style”

November 21st, 2012 · 1 Comment

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  • 1 Admin2 // Nov 27, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    BY:- Wendy (@wendyluvsmj)

    There is a very good reason you are not familiar with this “version” of Michael Jackson’s signature. That is because these are NOT Michael Jackson’s signatures. They are BLATANT FORGERIES.

    TO BE CLEAR: These items, publicly advertised in Julien’s 2012 Thompkins-Bush Michael Jackson auction catalog are OVERT FORGERIES and are NOT Michael Jackson’s genuine signature!

    1.) PAGE AFTER PAGE in the Julien’s 2012 Bush-Michael Jackson auction catalog of signatures with an awkward, amateurish looking “loop” on the N in Jackson – the last letter of the last name. NOTE: MICHAEL JACKSON DID NOT SIGN THE “N” in HIS LAST NAME “JACKSON’ with this awkward, amateurish “loop”.

    2.) Michael Jackson used 3 different styles of “J” in Jackson over the years.
    Single Line J, Line and Swoop J (or Two Swoop), and Single Swoop J.
    When MJ used the “two swoop” style J in Jackson, HE did it with STYLE, FLUIDITY, ELEGANCE and GRACE, there are heavy and light strokes and you can tell he produced the signature QUICKLY – just like we all do when signing OUR OWN NAME.
    Conversely, ALL! the forged J’s in Julien’s upcoming 12/2/12 auction are COMPLETELY without FLOW, STYLE and GRACE. They are HEAVY and CLUNKY and AMATEUR looking.


    They show HESITATION MARKS where the forger slowed up their hand movement to THINK about what to do NEXT.

    Every person’s signature, while retaining its own overall unique “fingerprint”, shows slight variations based on day, month, year, situation, mood, etc.
    NOTE: There is NO variation to these fraudulent “signatures“ being advertised for sale by Julien‘s. CLEARLY, the signatures were mass produced and NOT done over the years, as is being represented by Darren Julien and Michael Bush.

    As someone with an astute eye for detail, I have diligently studied Michael Jackson’s signature and handwriting style for several years. I have done extensive research through PSA/DNA, PAAS, JSA, Autograph Magazine and have monitored eBay auctions of both genuine and forged Michael Jackson signatures, on a regular basis for several years. I KNOW I’ve seen forgeries by this SAME forger as the Julien’s “signatures” all over eBay for 2-3 years up until very recently. Interestingly, I can no longer find any active or completed auctions on eBay by this forger. Notably, the hat on page 184 of Julien’s catalog – the forgery on the Budapest police hat – I KNOW FOR A FACT that I saw a hat JUST LIKE THIS WITH THE SAME OBVIOUS FORGERY FOR SALE ON EBAY RECENTLY – within the last 2-3 weeks. THAT TOO HAS BEEN REMOVED from the ebay database.

    I MUST TELL YOU that the HUNDREDS of fake signatures being passed off by Julien’s Auctions and Michael Bush in their upcoming anticipated Sell Off of Illegal “merchandize” are some of the most shamelessly AMATEUR forgeries of Michael Jackson’s signature that I have ever seen.

    ALL THE TELL TALE SIGNS OF A FORGERY ARE PRESENT ON EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE ITEMS. The massive quantity and obviously POOR QUALITY of these fake Michael autographs, along with ALL of the involved Person’s brazenness to do this IN THE STARK LIGHT OF DAY.. IS UTTERLY SHOCKING. [Sentence deleted--Editor.]

    THIS AUCTION MUST NOT TAKE PLACE! IT IS TAKING PLACE AT JULIENS AUCTION 9665 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 150, Beverly Hills, California 90210 (Telephone: (310) 836-1818)

    DECEMBER 2ND 2012

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