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Richard Hammond’s Crash Course on BBC Tonight

October 22nd, 2012 · 2 Comments


Richard Hammond’s Crash Course

See Richard Hammond as you’ve never seen him before By Gabrielle Pantera Hollywood, CA (Hollywood Today) /10/22/2012 – “If I were asked to define the American occupation that most intrigues me, right now where we are in making this season it is actually one we already made which is the cowboy one, “ says host Richard Hammond, star of the series Richard Hammond’s Crash Course. “And that’s because the job is so iconic. And I say in the film when I’m turning up for work I can’t believe I’m turning up for work to be a cowboy. When I was six that’s what I played with my brothers we were cowboys we had the little plastic guns and holsters and hats. And any were you go in the world show them a cowboy hat and they know what it is.” Season two of Richard Hammond’ Crash Course has some changes. The show playing on a number of Hammond’s fears. Hammond is best known as one of the three hosts on Top Gear. In the first episode Hammond becomes a Hollywood stuntman. He gets set on fire, thrown through glass and has to crash a car that might bring back memories of his land speed record car crash on Top Gear in 2006, when he was badly injured.

Richard Hammond the comedian

Other things Hammond will do this season are get on a stage in New York to try to make the audience laugh, navigate the confusing streets of New York City as a cabdriver, dive off the top of a bridge, keep his head above four-foot waves to reach the finish line of an eight-mile down-winder race along Oregon’s Hood River, try to calm a 1,700 pound bull in an enclosed space, wrangle deadly rattle snake, stand at the foot of a rocket-launch in the Mojave Desert, and be a barber at a Harlem barbershop. Hammond has double hosting duties tonight. First he’s hosting Part one of Top Gear Fails at 9:00pm ET/PT Then the second season of Richard Hammond Crash Course at 10:00pm ET/PT Twitter: @TheHamstersCage @BBCAMERICA Hashtag: #RichardHammond Richard Hammond’s Crash Course is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions for BBC AMERICA. Tod Mesirow is executive producer. Elli Hakami, Jane Tranter, Tim Pastore and Courtney Conte are executive producers for BBC Worldwide Productions.

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