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Image excellence for men: Haberdashery

October 20th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Haberdashery at its finest, coming your way and through your closet, so move over.   By Valerie Milano Beverly Hills, CA (Hollywood Today) 10/20/12 – A haberdasher has multiple definitions. He may be someone working in a haberdashery, the proprietor of it, or makes accessories sold in one. Based on our research, there are very few true specialists in men’s accessories and customization of existing wardrobes. A small number of this group that are employed in custom lifestyle apparel and accessory design may define themselves as haberdashers. So world, welcome a six-foot-nine haberdasher, with style uncompromised by cost or taste.  Jean Francois, a young man who’s early life in the Ivory Coast, dazzled by etiquette and style wearing suits and ties as far as his first memories as a little boy, was to parlay directly into his aesthetic gift to men that care to flare.  The brand is called JFe’ & Company. On October 18 JFe’ & Company, in a hard to find and exclusive Mansion atop Beverly Hills, put on a fashion show that showcased Jean Francois’s fine jewelry and custom men’s  complete and total upscale attire.  When Hollywood Today interviewed Jean Francois, we found this eager and extremely intellectual ex-pro basketball player, fashion designer, and MBA graduate to be nothing shy of an enterprise fit for style and grace; headed for fashion celebrity.  He knew the demographic and target segment he is pursuing and knew the complete game plan the company was strategically aligned to employ. When we asked Jean Francois what direction the company would go in the vent of the untimely event of his death, he quickly said that the brand would go on, because he is clear about what the brand demands of him to train more haberdashers in his JFe’ & Company University.  Although an unofficial name with no college accreditation for the training of his haberdashers, it would ensure his clients that are used to having his expertise receive it from the handful of his masterfully trained haberdashers.   They will understand his philosophy and know they are catering to the world of stylish and tasteful people that are prone to think of the Jean Francois brand when they walk into their closets.  For any of you that watch the ABC network television show called “Shark Tank,” you will know Mr. Wonderful’s (Kevin O’Leary) concern has just been addressed.  No meteorite falling out of the sky can or will stop the excitement this young man who has been inspired by his peers whom we were privileged to meet over great cigars provided by Hollywood tobacconist, The Cuban Seed. Jean Francois, said he is all about creating an experience that people cannot replicate anywhere.  This business rests on the expertise and zeal of this young man.  JFe’ & Company’s market segment is, typically an athlete, actor, or simply an individual that would afford nothing less than image excellence.  To that extent, JFe’ & Company, and its leadership, is on a springboard to growing very fast, organically and with a real stigma associated with it.  A man will look his best with this customized service even if the $3,000 suits need that extra zest and zing that would make it stand out in a crowd.  Jean Francois’s models on the catwalk sure did. Haberdashery at its finest, coming your way and through your closet, so move over.  Wait, they also have a recycling program so that those clothes which should be reused and cut to fit, moved from  bland to bold, then JFe’ & Company can accessorize it and prepare it for an evening of the Grammy’s, Academy Awards,or an event that stands out among the crowd is option number one. Haberdashery done right!  Finally a company that specializes in men’s image anywhere in the world: for a price of course. JFé&Co.’s web address is http://www.jfeandco.com. Their showroom is your home by appointment only.      

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  • 1 Michael // Oct 23, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    Now I know where to find my fashion consultant. Thanks- fun.

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