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The Rolling Stones Film “CHARLIE IS MY DARLING” “It was like hanging out with the band”

September 21st, 2012 · No Comments

                          “I’d rather be dead than singing “SATISFACTION” when I’m forty five.” –Mick Jagger   By Harvey Sid Fisher Hollywood, CA(Hollywood Today)9/21/12/The rock and Rolling Stones in 1965 Ireland. This footage was shot forty seven years ago; and like the old man said, ‘47 years ain’t that much time if you say it fast’. ‘CHARLIE IS MY DARLING’ hits you right in the gut with the youth of it all. The STONES are so young in this movie. Mick, Keith and all; their faces are so smooth, and wrinkle free. Those halcyon gigs make you wanna tear up or tear it up; depending on how well you handle aging.  “People have this obsession. They want you to be like you were in 1969. Otherwise their youth goes with you. It’s very selfish but it’s understandable.” – Mick Jagger Mick might be right. The movie takes you back to watching it as the youngster you used to be. Why the title? The original 1965 Producer, ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM might know. Some say it was taken from an ancient Irish folk song. Rock & Roll success is painted so nakedly simple in this film of the Stone’s 1965 Ireland tour:   get some transportation; hop on a commuter train, grab a redeye flight with the straight people, do the limo to the hotel, get to the gig under escort, and there, to  a packed house of screaming and stomping fans, you play your ass off and no one can hear a word you are singing. “The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way, is the one that achieves madness.” Mick Jagger The pleasure of this movie is that  you can hear the lyrics because the sound was digitally synced from audible sources thanks to the 2012 Director MICK GOCHANOUR, the 2012 Producer ROBIN KLEIN and ABKCO FILMS. If there was sex and drugs in the shooting of this movie it was left on the cutting room floor.  This movie is for all the family. I would give it a G rating. Yes, it does have some violence if you could call it that. There were some bumptious fans climbing onto the stage with tumbling bodies and instruments strewing the stage. The haplessly outnumbered security were not at the top of their game.                   It brought the show to a halt as the Stones were de-plugged one by one. Brian Jones, had the last chord of this discordant melee before he also had to make his way offstage in a rush to refuge.  And still, through all the dangerous tumult, there was the original 1965 Director and Cinematographer PETER WHITEHEAD; the last man standing his ground to film these mindless immature maniacs charging the stage from all around his camera. But really, the truth be told, there were no guns, knives, or explosive detonations. The basic weapons used were those that any modern hormonal youngster has always had access to; rock and STONES. One of many good things about this resurrected concert is that you don’t have to hope they’ll play your favorite old song. The whole 1965 set list was all old songs –but new to them:  PLAY WITH FIRE, TIME IS ON MY SIDE,  SATISFACTION (first time played to a live audience). “I’d rather be dead than singing “SATISFACTION” when I’m forty five.” –Mick Jagger Charlie Watts, the drummer, was a bit introvertish and seemingly withdrawn, but as he said, he is most happy at home with his wife.  The black & white handheld camera work by PETER WHITEHEAD was steady and intimate. It was like hanging out with the band. You could almost put a friendly arm around  your favorite STONE and whisper your wishes. Throughout the movie there was a palpable sense of good behavior by the band. They got along with themselves so nicely. Like married people  stepping out to party.  Behind closed doors they might not be so pretty.  It was like making your way politely through a crowd. You may brush up against a few but there is no emotional exchange; . Meeting the STONES in Ireland was a lollipop of pleasantry. There was no barbarous badinage, or  stinging insults; no mean practical jokes. If you see the respectful relationship, or perhaps, the controlled considerateness they have for each other, you could safely predict that this band will be together for a long time. Maybe the movie was whitewashed in the editing to avoid controversy and underlying tensions, but the fact speaks for itself; no matter what trials and travails they had to work through, THE ROLLING STONES band got from there to here and still is. Film Debut- Sept 29, 2012 –NY FILM FESTIVAL NOV 6TH 2012 is the release date for DVD, BLU-RAY and SUPER DELUXE BOX SET   NY screening at 92nd street Y in October with Andrew Loog Oldham live.           www.harveysidfisher.com www.youtube.com/astrologysongs  

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