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The Zeitgeist Media Festival 2012: A great show with a worldly message Bridging the Artistic and Activist

August 6th, 2012 · No Comments


          By Geoffrey Maingart Hollywood,CA (Hollywood Today)8/6/12/—The historic Avalon Theater hosted the 2nd Zeitgeist Media Event on Sunday August 5th and it was truly a masterful performance by all involved. The impressive talent list included live performances & presentations by chart topping South African Songwriter Cofield Mundi,, world renowned Sufi singer & composer Sussan Deyhim,, Emmy nominated TV writer (“Heroes”, “Touch”) Tim Kring, international best selling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson, violin virtuoso and activist Lili Haydn, the comedy of award winning comedian/actor Rick Overton and so many more.  Short film screenings included some brilliant creations by renowned personalities including Rutger Hauer, James Cromwell, Jason Taylor, Mark Magidson, George Langworthy and many more up and coming filmmakers! The purpose of Zeitgeist is bridging the artistic and activist (artivist) community in a grand effort to inspire change in the world or as it was beautifully stated;  “Each as an individual has the power to change the world.”  Another recurring theme was the difference for our future choice, the power of the few or democracy.  When fine artists get together for an event like this the statement becomes profound and you leave the theater with a sense of hope that we can make the world listen and see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVyFKZYUpCE The technically complicated show of diverse performances was seamlessly organized and one has to compliment the technical crew on stage for a masterful performance.  From preserving the forests in Uganda, to an enlightening film about death, “Admissions” with James Cromwell (brilliantly conceived and performed), to an amazing and mesmerizing improvisational painter/artist, Norton Wisdom, the show both entertained us, warned us, educated us and solicited us.  I could have hoped to see the event at the Hollywood Bowl instead of a smaller theater as nice as it was.  This message needs to be universal.  We are asked to say YES to Prop 37 against genetically modified food, fight against pollution, be aware of the destruction of our oceans, the loss of countless species including bees, the new advantages of the vegetable, cannabis, and the truth about the real madness in the world.  We are asked to visit www.artivist.com and rally the rest of our artistic community for the future of the world. The performance began with a brilliant satirical introduction by Peter Joseph followed by Rick Overton.  Lillian’s Rose, a great band gave us a great song and message in “Truth of Madness.”  Jason Taylor’s sad film about the destruction of Uganda followed.  The Fear of Freedom with Jean Studler made an impact and Ted Z & The Wranglers followed with a rap performance leaving us with the statement, “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world.” Then came a fine animation by Micah Buzan called the Thief, about money and pollution followed by another animation with stick figures called the love project.  The great voice of Heather Donovan followed.  We were given a preview of the new film Samsara scheduled to open August 31st.  J Brave of Luminaries and Silent Seas by Leandro Bento told us that peace worldwide starts from the inside.  The incredible Katie Goodman had the audience screaming “As Fuc_ed As This and “I Ain’t Funding Sh_t gave us a real portrait of the Tea Party.  The Phobia of Relativity by Joao Meirinhos and Norton Wisdom painting on glass with the incredible sax player Weddie “Snakepit” Edwards rounded out the 1st half. The second part of the Zeitgeist Media Event began with a wonderful film by Harald Sando titled “Waking Up Forest” with the beautiful music of American Indian flute in the background telling us of the Game of life and how to play it.  Steve Robertson and the Nashville vocalists tell us to Choose Love  followed by Hierosonic and “Radical Openness,” by Jason Silva.  A film about voluntary change by Diaky Diaz of the Artivist Film Festival was previewed.  The great Dutch actor Rutger Hauer who is passionate about the sea premiered his animation about whales and then spoke to the audience and answered questions about his film 2 years in the making entitled “Requiem 2019.” The Indian singers Ash Ruiz & DJ Alsutany had everyone dancing telling us that man is a prisoner and a victim and finally telling us that Nobody is a Victim.” Marianne Williamson, lecturer, spoke for global oneness and the directions underway are unsustainable with the plea to stop the status quo and that artists have to make the difference.  Team Iluminati and “Touch” with Tim Kring told us that a new light beckons and economic values have to be replaced by human values. The film with Cromwell was for me one of the great moments of the show making light of the stupidity of prejudice and religious persecution and war.  This was a great statement about heaven and hell and religion in general.  Master Zero was a costumed group of singers and dancers with a message. Kevin Booth told us about the real benefits of medical marijuana not as a drug but as a vegetable if juiced instead of smoked or heated.  It is one of the most powerful anti oxidants and in the raw form has medicinal properties that can improve the world.  Cofield Mundi from S. Africa, a fine musical group followed with the message that every individual has the ability to change the world.  “Shadows” was an interesting animation by Houssam Haddad. Saving some of the best for last, the incredible violinist and singer Lili Haydn literally blew away the public and can understandably be called the Lady Hendricks of the violin. Prayer for Peace, one of the great songs written by her was a true vehicle for this great talent.  Her band is great.  Besides being an accomplished violinist she has a vocal range and a stage presence that one has to behold.  She also had the audience on their feet and dancing, a petit girl and a grand stage presence.  An important film “Vanishing of the Bees” with George Langworthy rounded out the visuals with that important warning. Last on the show was a true revelation for this writer, Sussan Deyhim.  If you have a chance to ever hear this amazing artist in person, do not miss the chance.  She has one of the great vocal instruments in the world and what she is able to accomplish with her voice is unbelievable.  One often thinks they are listening to two or more singers at the same time coming from the same person.  It is technically daunting, musically piercing and the whole audience was on their feet in awe and dancing.  This was a great show with a worldly message and Peter Joseph and the organizers have to be cheered and listened to for the future of our existence.  www.artivist.com    

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