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SVU: The Season Not-Finale

May 24th, 2012 · 1 Comment

By: Valerie Milano – (Hollywood Today) 5-24-12 Wednesday night’s “Law and Order: SVU” took on a sex scandal surrounding the rich and powerful. With the recent news about the secret service sex scandals, it was inevitable that they would write their own version of the “sex scandals of the high and mighty”.  However, the story was not a parallel, which was nice. Without revealing any spoilers, I can tell you that this show maximized uncomfortable tension within the team surrounding the sensitive nature of the investigation and what they could and could not focus on. Further, there were some familiar faces, including a former cast member from several years ago.  This episode gets messy and involved. It does not, however, get resolved. It doesn’t even partially resolve. It merely sets up the next season and then offers a nasty cliffhanger. The whole thing strikes me as a cheap way to get people to come back and watch. I’ve been a fan of the show for the several years and I’m sorry to say that I am disappointed.  This is the first season without Detective Stabler, and frankly, the show suffers because of it. The chemistry and tension between characters just doesn’t hit the same mark. The show seems to need more and more outrageous situations because it lacks the underlying charm, friction, and character dichotomy of the main characters. Even Tutuola and Munch seem to have lost something. All in all, the show is not what it once was. That being said, it’s still more solid than a number of shows out there. While attempting to look at the show through new eyes, it’s still watchable; it just isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. There’s still lots of drama and horror at the depravity the human race can sink to.  However, I do believe that this next season will be the last unless they can get back some of the magic that they have lost. If you didn’t watch it Wednesday, my advice is to hold on to your DVR copy and watch it at the beginning of next season. Don’t worry about any kind of closure for this season.  You won’t get any.

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  • 1 Jolene // May 27, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    It’s SVU’s new showrunner, Warren Leight. That guy has “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” syndrome, that’s primarily why the new episodes of Law & Order: SVU are “lacking” to say the least.

    Dick Wolf ought to be ashamed letting Leight change the style of this once great show. Neal Baer had already ran down the show with his idiotic writing style in the later seasons, now Leight comes in and turns the show into L&O: CI.

    I can watch SVU without Chris Meloni, but the episodes aren’t the same as they used to be. And this “lack” of using Diane Neal and/or Stephanie March as the full time ADA is p***ing me off too.

    This show is BETTER with gripping and powerful court room scenes/chatter from the DAs, the defense attorney’s, & the judges!

    SVU didn’t used to be ALL about the cops, even when the “revolving door” of ADAs came into play. I’d rather see trial scenes instead of long a** and boring confessions on SVU.

    It’s SVU, not LOCI. Somebody needs to tell Warren Leight that. That’s why I’m not a die-hard fan of SVU anymore, because it’s NOT SVU anymore.

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