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BIG BANG Bash New Year’s Eve 2012 Hollywood Style Big Stars, Champagne, Red Carpet

January 3rd, 2012 · 1 Comment

BIG BANG NYE 2012 BIG BANG Bash New Year’s Eve 2012 Hollywood Style: Big Stars, Champagne, Red Carpet By Harvey Sid Fisher Hollywood,CA(Hollywood Today)1/3/12—Accuracy be damned. Long live tradition.   To the casual observe any calendar will show that Friday evening is not yet the weekend, Christmas eve is not yet  Christmas and New Year’s Eve is not yet the new year. Birthdays  however, are usually observed on the day of our birth. I cannot remember anyone ever insisting on having a ‘birthday eve’ party. Maybe no one wants to rush into older age… unless you own a Mayan calendar and want your presents quick, before the world ends. The BIG BANG New Year’s Eve 2012 bash at the Hollywood and Highland complex in Hollywood drew a crowd that almost filled a ballroom pretty much the size of a football field. I would guess the headcount at about 1,000 more or less. It was a friendly extravaganza of dj music, alcohol, a hint of weed and a host of security personnel  in dark suits with ear gear communications.  No fights, no obnoxious drunks, no bodies lying around in nodding stupors, though oddly, I did notice two instances where a male had to support a tipsy female companion who was struggling to walk straight. Are women drinking more than men these days? Is there a female trend brewing with brew? I have postulated many convictions on much less evidence, but not now. Even the bathroom was rather neat and untrammeled by the usual puddles and tissue debris. Very civilized. By the pool deck area was the red carpet which had its rush hour traffic of invited celebrities with 40-50 media people tightly swarmed behind the rope taking pictures and throwing questions. On the media tip sheet of expected celebrities Alan Thicke was the only person I heard of and in conducting a mini survey with some others of the media collective, they did not know many, if any, of the celebrities either. This means that there are a few of us out there not watching Glee,  2 Broke Girls, or The Vampire Diaries. While mingling with a drink, as my job requires, I approached two young men who had previously walked the red carpet gauntlet as guest celebrities. I was told they were rappers but they never used one bad word. It turns out they were Leroy Dixon and Rodney Martin, Olympic runners. Another talent I met was a beauty named Angel who sings with the international pop  group called DeVee and she was behind the rope interviewing the  celebrities for cable tv. Your turn will come, Angel. I can see you on the red carpet. The BIG BANG tickets go from $75 general admission to $3500 for a main stage vip package. Income is also augmented by sponsors  with booth displays. Where the crowd is convoked is where you will find the wise marketing entities that  lie in wait to promote their product. SafeCIG is a smokeless water vapor cigarette in 12 flavors with a small quantity of liquid nicotine. Owned by John Cameron, the brother of James ‘Avatar’ Cameron. John believes deeply in his product and presented it in the true spirit of Hollywood panache and splash. He had ten beautiful girls  in 1950’s cigarette-girl costumes giving out free samples. Turkish Airlines had a booth with promotional gifts. Did you know they fly to 190 cities around the world? BYOU, is the be-your-own-you tween magazine for the 7-12 year old who needs to  raise their self esteem. Dec/Jan is the anti-bullying issue that advises: Don’t be a bully, don’t be a victim and don’t be a silent bystander. Good advice, if advice works. Judging the party population by my internal milieu meter  I would say the crowd was very much enjoying their good time money’s worth. The BIG BANG NYE 2012 was a successful BIG BANG SHEBANG. New year’s eve can carry a strong personal emotional charge. The years go by and the memories crest and crash. So many new year’s Eves and Helens and Ritas… For some, spending New Year’s Eve alone with a thousand strangers can hurt…but I can think of worse things. Happy New Year     http://www.youtube.com/user/astrologysongs http://www.astrologysongs.com Harvey Sid Fisherollywood New Year  

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