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Digital Hollywood L.A. 2011:Less About Music, More About T-Shirts?

October 23rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Less About Music, More About T-Shirts? “How much confidence do you (DA Wallach) have in giving your music away for free, especially emerging artists that need to pay for production?” Chamillionaire (Rap Artist, known for “Ridin’ Dirty”) By Christian Rappa Ritz Carlton Hotel,Marina del Rey,CA(Hollywood Today)10/23/11/—The idea of giving away music for free is not new. Back in the day they would take 10% of records sold and give that amount away for free to attract more fans. The problem is that then there were a hundred artists making thousands of dollars and now there are thousands of artists making hundreds of dollars. How do emerging artists and pop artists alike make money in this new dynamic? “In today’s market people are less willing to pay for music, but people really like stuff, which they are gladly willing to pay for. This including such things as tee shirts and posters. ” -D.A. Wallach (Chester French) There are so many ways to get free music today, that in order to make money, branding has to be more of a concern. Essentially the music is becoming a marketing tool for the brand (or the artist). As things become more indie, will this philosophy hold strong or die out? Will the masses be satisfied with what the industry is producing based on this model? I don’t believe it will. This being primarily because the bridge between artist and fan is growing smaller every day. As fans become closer to the artist, the will start caring for the artist and the art they produce. Things being incredible manufactured in the pop industry today, artists such as Ray Lamontaigne and Adele are getting popular because people appreciate the deep art and lack of synthetic sounds within the songs. As they get to know these artists personally and their music personally, I believe people will be compelled to contribute towards the success of an artist providing their fans with quality material via actually paying for songs, not just another band tee.  

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