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Elizabeth Taylor’s Art & Jewelry: A once-in-a-lifetime Preview Museum of Contemporary Art

September 23rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Taylor’s Art & Jewelry Collection At Museum of Contemporary Art West Hollywood By Max Emanuel Donner West Hollywood, CA(Hollywood Today)9/23/11/—Actress Elizabeth Taylor was also the daughter of Beverly Hills art dealer Francis Taylor. Ms. Taylor is renowned in the art world as one of the most sophisticated and successful art collectors of all time. She inherited art as well as good taste from her father. The senior Taylor ranks on a par with John Paul Getty and Norton Simon as a leading art purchaser of the Twentieth Century — “the art dealer’s dealer.” The auction of Ms. Taylor’s art and jewelry will take place in New York December 3 to 16. Previews began in Moscow last Thursday and are scheduled for a special showing here in Los Angeles October 13-16. Tickets have started online and are certain to sell out. This once-in-a-lifetime event will take place at the Annex of the Museum of Contemporary Art, located at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Although the auctioneer, Christie’s is the world’s largest auction house, its local exhibition area is not large enough to present this stellar collection. To buy your tickets now while they are still available, click this link.   The auction series and special exhibition will include decorative arts and memorabilia owned by Ms. Taylor that show great insight into her taste as a collector and the extraordinary benefits of learning to collect art from one of the world’s most distinguished art dealers. But very little of the fine art owned by Ms. Taylor will be on display or sold this year. The reasons highlight the intrigue and complexity that make the art market so special. Ms. Taylor passed away in March of this year and the executors of her estate can take until June 15 of next year to select the tax reporting choices for her estate which are most advantageous. A private sale of some of the artwork is likely. Read more at this link. The permanent collection of the UCLA Hammer Museum exhibits a Van Gough oil painting the was part of a series also purchased by Ms. Taylor’s father. This later became part of Ms. Taylor’s estate. Both paintings are known by the same name “Vue de l’Asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Remy,” or View of the Asylum of Saint-Remy. And both are considered by art insurance experts to be among the hundred most valuable paintings in the world. That means they are individually worth more than the record price for art sold at auction — $ 106.5 million. How much more is the subject of lively discussions at appraiser meetings, but the figure of a quarter billion dollars seems reasonable to many. Sotheby’s sold the painting to Francis Taylor in 1963 for one-thousandth of that figure. The catalog of art and collectibles being offered for sale this year is available for $60 at this link.  

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