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The Boy Who Would Be King – Prince William

April 29th, 2011 · No Comments

  A King or James Dean? Related stories Kate and the Royal Couples upcoming trip to Hollywood  http://www.hollywoodtoday.net/?s=kate+middleton http://www.hollywoodtoday.net/2011/04/28/prince-william-princess-kate-coming-to-hollywood/ By Jeffrey Jolson LONDON (Hollywood Today) 4/29/11 – When two billion people around the world, and a million on the streets of London watched Prince William tie the royal knot with Kate Middleton, now a Princess, there was bubbly jubilation to spare. Yet even though many are saying the royal couple are the future King and Queen of England, most observers, even many Englanders, mistake a royal wedding for a coronation. They did when William’s Prince Charles married Princess Diana. And therein lies the nub. Charles is next in line for the throne, and after being groomed and waiting all his life, he has no reason to give up his birthright. For that matter, Queen Elizabeth is still lively and didn’t up the throne for Charles. And given the longevity that appears to run in the royal family (the Queen mother died at 101-years-old), Queen Elizabeth II could be around for a decade or two.  William takes tea with her every week, likely getting tips on being the monarch of Great Britain. Prince Charles is already 62, which is William’s main chance. If QEII hangs on for a decade, there will be a question on how long Charles would sit on the throne. Prince William of Wales, is only 28, barely heard of cassettes or CDs and probably has an iPod for his cross-coutry running and Twitters under the name  PW28.  Or maybe wombat, a nickname which has stuck in the British press. He is pretty cool, spent part of his gap year after graduating St. Andrews in Chile and roaming around Africa.  He is a full pilot in the Royal Air Force, and can fly jets and copters. If he can keep away from flying machines,  he would have a pretty good chance of returning to Westminster Abbey one day to get the crown of not only England, but the simultaneous thrones of 16 independent states. The Prince has a number of titles in full: His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, But out favorite is Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter Master of Arts. How can we join the Garter Order?  

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