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Brad Pitt Stars on Meet the Press

August 29th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Brad Pitt Stars on Meet the Press By Brent Budowsky WASHINGTON, DC (Hollywood Today) 8/30/10 — I propose a standing ovation for the noble and important work that Brad Pitt has done in New Orleans, after hurricane Katrina, to build affordable and environmentally innovative housing that has made life better for many people, and lifted the spirit of the community. It is equally interesting and important that Pitt’s work in New Orleans was featured on Meet the Press, the premier Sunday national news show. The Pitt segment on Meet the Press represented one of those rare moments when serious national news of great substance intersects with Hollywood celebrities doing substantial and highly valuable work. An article in The Atlantic titled “Houses of the Future” described in some detail the environmental innovations of what residents of New Orleans call “the Brad Pitt houses”. On Meet the Press Sunday, Brian Williams of NBC News discussed these homes with Pitt, especially the way the homes are built sufficiently above sea level to withstand even a Category 4 Hurricane, and are built to be affordable for those who would need them. I have long been interested in the intersection of Hollywood and Washington, ranging from the days of Frank Sinatra (one of my clients was Sinatra’s agency) and President Kennedy, to the many entertainers who deserve years of standing ovations for their art and their good works on behalf of American troops. Brad Pitt’s work in New Orleans stands at the highest levels of this great tradition. Pitt invested time, money, heart, soul, talent and generosity into these “houses of the future”.  He worked with leading cutting-edge architects on the design of the homes. He worked with civic leaders about the planning. He incorporated his housing into the larger philanthopy of the Make It Right Foundation. Pitt works with investors interested in projects that benefit the environment and save energy, and has developed a level of professional expertise that is equal to (or better than) many members of Congress, public officials and bankers on this subject. What is impressive and important about Brad Pitt’s work in New Orleans is the level and depth of his commitment and the substantial results he is achieving.  There are a growing number of artists whose involvement in public and civic affairs involve a knowledge and depth that is very impressive.  Sean Penn in Haiti, among other endeavors, is another example of many. During the Kennedy and Sinatra days, what was striking was not only the glamour between the two, but the depth of passion and substance that Sinatra, the Rat Pack and many artists developed on major national issues. The list of celebrities whose engagement in major issues grew into leadership of depth and substance is long, and something I believe is good for America. Politically the Pitt project involves the best of citizen involvement and the private sector that should appeal to conservative and liberals. I am partial to the more progressive point of view, and believe there should be even greater involvement from “Hollywood liberals” in a 2010 campaign that poses great threats to progressive values.  I will address this topic soon, in media that reaches both the political and entertainment worlds, especially with “conservative billionaires” donating major money, and Rupert Murdoch alone donating a million dollars to Republicans, which he has every right to do. I would also propose that leaders in the entertainment world, representing all political philosophies, unite in even greater efforts to heal the wounds of war. Whatever one’s political viewpoint or interest in issues, it is good for America, in my view, for more interesection between Hollywood and Washington, between entertainment and politics, which brings together people of high ideals willing to do the hard work, in the real deal, as Brad Pitt is doing. For now, lets join in giving a standing ovation to Brad Pitt for truly substantial, creative and successful efforts after Hurricane Katrina. I would applaud Meet the Press for bringing together the worlds of entertainment and political news to report on a project that Americans from left to right should join in applauding.  The reason Brad Pitt stars on Meet the Press is that Brad Pitt stars in making like better for the people of New Orleans.  That’s a pretty good deal, for everyone.

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