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Tonight on Lifetime: The Client List

July 19th, 2010 · 9 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as a mother who will do anything to support her family…even being paid for sex, The Client List premieres July 19th at 9pm on Lifetime ** 2 Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

Jennifer Love Hewitt, selling her body to save the family home in The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt, selling her body to save the family home in The Client List

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 7/19/2010 – “Her whole life she’d been told she was beautiful,” says The Client List star and executive producer Jennifer Love Hewitt. “It was about her and how pretty she was and how that was going to make her find her way. When we see her in the movie, all the big dreams she had for herself and her husband and her marriage are being tested. When you’re dealing with three kids running around all day, you don’t have time to do your hair and makeup, to feel beautiful.”

The Client list is the story of Samantha Horton, a wife, mother of three and former beauty queen in Texas who was raised to expect to use her physical assets to get ahead. With her husband unable to support the family, Sam looks for a job as physical therapist. Desperate to avoid foreclosure on her home, she accepts a job as a massage therapist instead. A lot more is going on than massages.

“I really felt for Sam and her story, her struggle,” says Hewitt. “It starts with her being desperate and wanting to help her family.” The Client List is inspired by the true story of the Healing Touch massage parlor in Odessa, Texas.

The actual client list is a MacGuffin, plays a minor part of the movie. Lifetime has a built an audience on stories about women in peril, who have made bad decisions, but these movies, including The Client List, are melodramatic to the level of not feeling like entertainment. A too rare humorous moment is when Samantha is confronted by the wives of some of her clients after she gets out of jail. They want to know what she did that they’re not doing. There’s a banana involved.

Cybill Shepherd, playing the role of Sam’s mother, is there to help care for the kids, but is very critical of her only daughter. Her husband, played by Teddy Sears, doesn’t notice what Sam is up to despite the clues.

On the MyLifetime website, one of the user-generated comments is a note from Francisca, a woman who says she worked at a prostitute at the Healing Touch but luckily had quit months before the arrests. According to her, the reason the prostitutes there were desperate to make $300 to $500 a day was to support a $200 a day cocaine addiction, that cocaine, not foreclosure, is what drove the women there to prostitution.

Love Hewitt, who’s also the star of the CBS television series Ghost Whisperer, released in March her book The Day I Shot Cupid. While promoting her book, she created a stir on The George Lopez Show when she mentioned her book describes the latest trend in bikini waxing known as vajazzling. Swarovski crystals, typically in the shape of a heart, are glued on as body decoration. “It looks like a little disco ball down there,” she told George Lopez. She received thousands of tweets and more than 2,000 Facebook posts in reaction.

Love Hewitt says she enjoys pole dancing. “I have a pole in my house now,” says Love Hewitt. “I’m dedicated to it now. It’s part of my workout regimen. It works muscles you didn’t know you had. It’s a different kind of sexy.” She says that shows she likes to watch at home on her TiVo include So You Think You Can Dance, The Vampire Diaries, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, The Bachelorette, and Dance Your Ass Off on Oxygen.

The Client List stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Samantha Horton, Cybill Shepherd as her mother Cassie, and Teddy Sears as her husband Rex Horton.

The Client List premieres July 19th at 9pm on Lifetime.


Tonight on Lifetime: The Client List

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  • 1 Theresa // Jul 19, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    counting the hours to the premier woot woot

  • 2 tahoegeminii // Jul 19, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    the Ghost Whisperer is canceled by the way-her book is a collection of idiot babbling- and this is just an excuse to play a MAN-ipulator-oh the poor woman had to give happy endings or lose her home-give me a break-lots of us work hard and humiliating jobs to make ends meet-if you don’t want to take the easy on your back way out of debt then don’t-this is the lazy bee-yotchs way out so she can still play princess-real work is out of the question for these kinds of broads-they want a job they can dress all pretty and get attention at-and don’t care about their dignity-they just whine for sympathy later-oh I had to do it-complete load of crrrappp if you try to make anyone think that you HAD to be a slutt-if you are not a kidnapped 12 year old being sold into white slavery then save it-you don’t have to flop on your back with your legs spread to get money-you are just too lazy to find something else-and basically that is what JLH would be doing if she didn’t get incredibly lucky with the teen scream movies-otherwise it is just a bunch of watching her squeezing her tits together with her arms -what happened to the short hair-do by the way? i guess she realized what an old librarian it made her look like-no one even wanted to look at her tits with that hair

  • 3 HannaH // Jul 19, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    IF Jennifer Love Hewitt is good in ghost wisper then she Pull this off good LucK Jennifer

  • 4 HannaH // Jul 19, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    20 min

  • 5 crazy blog // Jul 19, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    yes -she is acting like a vamp who has had her sex appeal questioned-she has to play a slluttty part to get people to look at her like a sex object again-definitely would have been a prostitute if she hadn’t gotten lucky in acting-this one is so wrapped up in her looks and threatened by growing old-we can expect to see her in a lot of attention grabbing look at me rolls like the ever soself centered Jenifer Aniston-she has definately ruined her career with the america’s sweetheart, I’m the princess roles that show no character or talent but then they don’t have any so it woyldn’t show anyway

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