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MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suites Go To The Dogs

June 7th, 2010 · 3 Comments

By Karen Ostlund HOLLYWOOD,CA (Hollywood Today) 06/07/2010  — Pets, especially dogs  shared the spotlight with their owners at this years’ MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounges. GBK Productions hosted a luxury lounge on the roof of London hotel in West Hollywood, to honor MTV Movie Awards nominees and presenters. A line up of  performances included Katherine McPhee, John West, Abraham McDonald, Josiah Leming and Daniel Nahmod. Besides gifts, great food by L.O.V.E. Pizza, anti-pastas and meatballs, GBK and Virtual Celebrity Islands  decided to partner  throughout 2010’s major award shows, to gift the celebrities use of these private islands for a whole year. The Islands are founded by Samy Montechristo, and powered by Activeworlds. Each virtual celebrity island features a fully interactive 3D studio with a sound-stage for virtual live events, 300 acres of virtual land for fans and sponsors, a penthouse for the celebrity owner, with their own virtual Ferraris, limos, yachts and helicopters. Quinton Aaron, star of the “The Blind Side” will be the first to receive access to Samy’s virtual island. He was also a nominee of  2010 MTV Movie awards as “Best Breakout Star”. Anna Kendrick from “Up In The Air” won the popcorn trophy for “Best Breakout Artist”. It was her first win. Product launches for dogs were many this year, and Bowser Beer “ Beefy Brown Ale” was one of them :    3busydogs.com have invented the new non-alcoholic, non carbonated beer for dogs. “So you don’t have to share yours” they say as a joke “ It is made from malt barley and home-made beef and chicken broth” “There is no hops or alcohol that can be harmful for your dog, and cats like it too” A tangle free dog walker for whom wants to walk more than one dog at a time have friendlydogleash.com invented. The technique is of  a rotating plate, attached to a leach of each dog,  which make it possible to walk three dogs at a time. Bow Wow Bling is earrings for pampered pets, also launching at GBK Suite: _”We are the 1st in the market, with Swarovski crystallized elements., back of the ear, toxic-free” ‘The hardest thing to start this business was to find a glue, that will not harm your pet, so we use a glue that are used in station theatre” Rockstar – Puppy is a company specializing in  airbrushed light weight dog helmets, and they were in search for a new clientele this MTV season: -“ No –we are not affiliated with Rockstar energy drink” -“ We  sell our hand painted helmets more  to biker dogs” “ The helmets are made for any size dog, and are both costume made or with personal design of choice” Buddha Bark MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge  was located at Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood. Chaz offered human guests a free styling & blow-dry, and vegetarian cooking by Rawsheeds.com. The Buddha Barks’ founder is Madison Svensson, who is also a consultant and canine wellness trainer. David Sternlight from Warm Whiskers was present,  and was doing demonstrations to the guests of the new Pet Therapy Jacket:                                                      -“ It’s a wrap jacket, that covers the dog from neck to the base of tail. It comes with reusable hot & cold compresses,  to attached anywhere needed on the dogs body. David continues: -“It’s used in pet hospitals too, to cure canine arthritis, joint and muscular pain and injuries” Pampering your pet was also part of Buddha Bark’s services, such as anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs & cats by Canine Care Inc: -“Teeth cleaning of a pet is hard work because you must take one tooth at a time” “ We recommend to clean the teeth once to twice a year,  depends the size of the dog, and it usually takes 30 minutes or more” Zoom Room was present promoting their new training center for dogs, that will open up in August, across from Pink’s in Hollywood: -“We have any class you can imagine, from puppy classes, obedience classes to birthday parties up to 40 dogs” Buddha Dog Animal massage therapist Pam Holt offered services to  MTV Movie Awards four legged friends: -‘ We usually do house calls, because animals are more comfortable in their homes” “ Most of our clients are old dogs with arthritis, that gone thru surgery” ‘Our package massage include acupressure, reiki, ttouch and regular massage in half tone hour sessions” Power Paws is a new dog sock, which comes in eight sizes  from Woodrow Wear. They made their Los Angeles launch at Media Secret Room during MTV Movie awards pre-days at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills: -“We are only six month old as a company, and Power Paws is made for all size dogs,  from Chihuahua to St. Bernard”  ‘Our dog socks do not require Velcro or buckles to stay on, and is easily machine washed.”                                                                                                                                                                     The idea behind this new sock is to prevent nail marks on wood and floors, and a traction help on slippery surfaces. ”

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  • 1 Nancy Ann // Jun 7, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    What a list of pet dog products to check out. I had heard of “pampered” pets, but these celebs’ pups have it made. I am interested in the therapy wrap since my sis’s aussie has arthritis.

  • 2 Gabby // Aug 11, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Hi All
    Very interesting read!
    I could find nothing that helped my 13 year old Labrador who had arthritis.
    Tried all the vet recommended NSAID’s.
    Came across a New Zealand Deer Velvet product 6 months ago on the “net”.
    Check out nzvelvetagility
    On to the 5th bottle and Meg is doing remarkably well.

  • 3 Buddha Bark MTV Dog Park // Mar 31, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    [...] The Zoom Room’s presence at the event was charted in several publications, including Oxygen Network’s OK! Magazine, the Los Angeles Examiner, and Hollywood Today. [...]

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