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Australia to Open Footy Competition in America

May 17th, 2010 · No Comments

By Karen Ostlund

American Footy in their future

Brentwood  CA (Los Angeles) 05/17/10  “There will not be any change of play, nor are there any plans try to join the NFL in the future. The game is under development here in USA” said  former F.I.F.A. sports agent Miro Gladovic. “Australian Footy is here to stay” He will host and produce a U.S. based athletic competition in search of the next Australian Football League (AFL) to bow this August in Texas, Dallas. The winner will win a trip to Australia and be invited to the AFL “2010 Rockie Draft Camp” He continues: - What we are looking for is an athletic American  talent of age 16-24 that is technical gifted for the sport.” “It doesn’t matter if he was a tennis player or football player before, and we have no specific physical aspect”. Miro Gladovic is from Melbourne, where the footy game once origin, and was first played in 1859. The ball shape is prolate spheroid, same shape as rugby, but in American football the ball shape is more pointed. The footy game field is big as a cricket field (450-500 feet),it has two teams with 22 players each, which four are interchange players. It is very similar to American football, kicking the ball between the middle two posts of the opposing goal. The primary way to move the game is kicking, handballing and running with the ball. Players holding or running with the ball must inbetween bounch and touch the ground. The winner is the team with the highest total scores at the end of fourth quarter. Miro Gladovic: “We have no collegian  system in Australia, so we draft our players straight out of high school” “It takes two-three years development and training to become professional and play junior game. At the junior game  they  will realize  the potentials, skills or interest of the game to continue”. “Our American winner, will be announced  in the end of August,  and he will  secure a professional contract in Australia” “There is no prize money involved more than the actual contract, that means everything” “If you get picked up of  an Australian football League team , you will receive a 1-2-3 year contract, depense of your qualification” The new Footy 101 DVD will be released in conjunction with American Footy Star event, which introduces American fans to the Footy sport. The video will contain comprehensive and entertaining guide to the sport, breaking down the unique set of rules and dynamics of the game. The Footy 101 will also include highlights of the AFL Grand Final, Australia’s equivalent to the Super Bowl. American Footy Star is taking registrations from competitors for the Dallas Footy Combine now on their website: www.AmericanFootyStar.com The age range to become a competitor is 16-24 years old. Celebrity judges will include retired Australian Football League superstar players Jason McCartney and Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico. Mentors will include Jimmy Bartel (Brownlow Medalist) and AFL Champ’s Geelong Cats Assistant  Coach  Brenton Sanderson. Australian and American celebrities along with AFL representative and sponsor will be on hand to show support for Aussie’s national pastime. Amit Handa, co- producer with Miro Gladovic, explained at the opening presentation, last weekend at the Residence of the Australian Consul General :              “—“We are the bridge between Australia and US, and I am happy to be part of something so huge” “We have the signature and permission of the footyball teams’ CEO Andrew Demetriou to do this competition in Texas” “The team ethics is going way back in history, over 100 years now” “One of the reasons Andrew Demetriou is signing this contact is to have AFL appeal to a much broader audience worldwide”. Among the supporters at the Australian Consul Residence was well-known Australian actor Cameron Daddo, most recently featured as the Vice President  in the Fox series “24” .He has also appeared in television series and films including “Without A Trace”, “Boston Legal”, and CSI Miami”. Allison from San Diego Chargers came to support Miro for his search of future player with the words: -‘I am originally from Inglewood, but for me it’s interesting to learn about a new sport, with a fun fast pace” The twinz & group Maya & Nandy entertained the guests at Australian Consul Generale opening event.

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