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DEMO 2010: UppyMedia’s “TAGtheLOOK” Brings Fashion to Facebook.

March 23rd, 2010 · 2 Comments

All Dressed up and Ready To Go On-line

TAG theLook Fashions Online

By Jacque Loewy DEMO 2010 – UppyMedia’s TAGtheLOOK Brings Commercial Application to Facebook. Palm Desert,CA(Hollywood Today)3/24/2010–Ask anyone currently in high school or college whether or not they could live without Facebook and the overwhelming majority would hastily respond NO! Of course we all know that the MEGA social network is not vital to our physical survival but yet it is a part of over 300 million individuals personal and social life’s. Facebook has evolved quickly however and its commercial possibilities are being realized by marketers who are now able to advertise their products through the cites ads and more recently applications easily accessible by clicking “Join.” These applications or apps are specifically designed to attract user attention by targeting peoples interest. Many of us want to know the brand of clothes that we see people wearing and want an easy way to find and purchase them. Here is a scenario. So you and your girlfriends went to a concert last night and you wanted to know what Victoria was wearing. Feeling shy and ashamed you didn’t ask her. Well now there is a less personal and more comfortable way to know and get those favorite clothes you want whether your friend is wearing them while your hanging out or your favorite celebrity is wearing them while on the red carpet. Its Called “TAGtheLOOK.”

You Got That Look Tag it

The primary overseer for UppyMedia’s fashion and style elements, fashion aficionado and CEO of the company Yuan Zhang has developed an intuitive and interactive application compatible with Facebook called “TAGtheLOOK.” For the last seven years she has worked with human resource consulting firms and is experienced in product design and management.

Shop and Buy OnLine

TAGtheLOOK is self sufficient and integrates social networking with online shopping and marketing in a convenient way allowing individuals connected to Facebook to easily find brands they like and purchase them. This user friendly application enables facebook users to tag outfits in photos that they or their friends have posted on their profiles. Once an outfit is tagged, friends can comment on these photos whether they like the outfit or not creating hype that is beneficial to brand labels tagged. Ultimately, the main goal of TAGtheLOOK is to create a fast and easy way for facebook users to see outfits they like and easily purchase them through internet shopping.


Introducing the coolest Facebook application TagtheLook
Share your style within your own social network
TAGtheLOOK is like twitter for fashion, but with a twist. The application lets users interactively tag their own or their friends’ outfits in existing social network photo albums and share with their friends using a real-time feed. Ultimately, it takes users to online shopping.
UppyMedia won DEMOgod award among Alpha Pitch companies at DEMOspring 2010!

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