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MTV Movie Gifting Suites Sweeter Than the Show

June 1st, 2009 · 11 Comments

By Karen Ostlund
Only in La and only at MTV Suites

Only in La and only at MTV Suites

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)5/31/09 – Mr. Bradshaw’s MTV Movie Awards suite “Tres Generaciones,” “translated three generations concluded three days of gifting hiatus with “Cynababy” bikini girls, Monster energy drinks and three tattoo-inspired T-shirt lines: Affliction, Sinful and Tru Love- False idols. Cynababy “skimpy” bikini swimwear line by Cynthia Elisabeth is individually handmade here in Southern California and is best known as the line Denise Richards wear on her reality TV show on E! Secret Room Lounge at SLS Hotel in West Hollywood featured two new clothing lines: Ema Savahl Couture and “Wrinkle-free” Eva Varro as a dominant fashion factor. Also were a long line of skin care lines competing of attention as Niko, Skinn, Donell, Vagosang, Skinblends and Sanitas. Adonia anti cellulite serum from acient Greek wisdom recipt with its 23 Greek Botanics combined with the latest “plant stem technology” was the skincarecompany that promised the most result in just nine minutes. -You can reduce your cellulites with over 70% in six week but if you stop using the product the skin goes back to what is was before unless you keep a well balanced diet” Adonia Greek Organics is best known for the Athena 7 minutes “movie-set” one day facelift cream. -”Putting your own name on the product and launching it to the public is the key to success” says Ohio born William Neely about his new mens cosmetic line. He has other followers like Canadian hairstylist NIKO,author Dimitri James(Becoming Beauty) and fitness trainer Peruborn Lalo Fuentes with his “Freeze technique” workout video. Itty Bitty Bra from Irvine introduces themself as “We are not a a big bra size company” “We focus on the slender woman with a and b chest and not to enhance your natural curves. Their line is classic cut with solid colors,polka dot or leopard prints” “”Scanty” underwear & pyjama line at Milk&Honey gifting suite on the other part of town at Luah restaurant had similar ideas with one-size fits all of romantic pattern sleepwear and panties. The sneaker is less featured in this MTV Movieawards suites-inn is instead the plateau wedge. Antic buttonstrap flipflops “Blowfish from Malibu” and Gee Wawa plateau sandals, use the same slogan as Bestbuy’ lines(Christian Siriano,Zoe & Zac,Alice +Olivia and Lela Rose) -Just below fifty dollars is the right price! says their Bestbuy representative. “The new line we are presenting for fall 2009 is Project Runway season 4 winner Christian Siriano’s line”. It’s an Egyptian skyscrape art heels with hieroglyphic details in form of chains and spikes. You need to have good balance before you wear this shoes to social events”. Bearpaws sandals and boots from Rohn Padmore’s gifting suite was MTV seasons’ most toe-warming experience. -Maybe they are just preparing for next season, was a guest comment- all shoes are made of pigs- sheepskin and suede with real wool lining. Designer Tom Romeo founded this line in 2001 to create a fall shoe to be used summer as well. He explains “Sheepskin regulate the regular body tempurature to stay cool in warm weather and hot in cold”. GBK gifting suite, located at a viney road north of Sunset plaza became the suite of wheatgrass & macrobiotic cooking and “below-freezing point” icecream. Their suite represented small new inventions like the Mobigrip,3 blade Rolling razor and “Freedom”laser therapy against drinking and smoking in just a few appointments. GBK was originally planned to be a poolparty but the sun failed to show so guests gathered around bbq lunch platters instead. High maintenance Mobile spa and RN Factor Spa on the top floor was treating the guests with samples of their latest spa menus. RN Factor introduced the Pumpkin Plus Masque and P2 Enzyme Masque for this season. -These masques are not for sensitive skin-the pumpkin is a natural antioxidant and the P2 enzyme is full of fruit extract from papaya and pineapple to help reduce breakouts. . -”Tired of dropping cellphones”? was a Mobigrip representative was asking me,and continues -Mobigrip is a new small invention as a safetybelt for cameras and cellphones hold with a micro bungee over your finger.The “Mobigrip bug”sticks on the back of your device and best of all, it costs less than ten dollars. Something CES maybe?

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