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Britney’s “Blackout” Critical & Fan Hit, Jive says No Tour

October 9th, 2007 · No Comments

From Albums ‘Toxic’ to “Blackout” her sales remain strong, even as Rome burns

By Stacey Silberman


HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 10/8/07 – Jive Records through Sony BMG, just announced Britney Spears much anticipated title for her first album release in four long years, calling it “Blackout.” Now don’t go jumping to conclusions about the title’s meaning because it doesn’t mean what you may think.

According to her record label, the title alludes to the blocking out of negativity with an embrace for life at its fullest, capturing the dance-friendly nature of the songs and giving a nod to past musical references with an ear toward the future, says Britney via the Sony BMG website. Jive also said there would be no tour to support the album at this time.

Geoff Mayfield, Billboard’s director of charts said the strong sales of the single “Gimme More” reflected a pent-up demand, since it only recently became available after weeks of radio play. He and others in the music industry said it remained to be seen how all the negative attention would affect long-term album sales. He pointed out that the album must have a strong musical appeal to succeed under these or any circumstances.

Even Rolling Stone liked the album and Entertainment Weekly says the 25-year old Spears “unleashes a more grown-up sound,” evidenced by tracks like “Radar,” which were produced by Swedish team Bloodshy & Avant, the same duo behind Spears’ Grammy-winning “Toxic.” The song “Heaven on Earth” was produced by promising newcomer Freescha and Kara DioGuardi, who also produced Kelly Clarkson’s “Walk Away.”

Spears collaborated with top-of-the-line song writers and producers to create some of her new edgily, upbeat dance songs, namely Timbaland protege Danja.

The album was produced by Nate “Danja” Hills, the highly successful producer who worked with top artists like Nelly Furtado, Timabaland and others. According to Sony BMG’s release, the album is a throw back to the era of 2008 Rock Hall of Fame nominee Donna Summer. “And already critics are loving it,” the site stated.

The album also contains the much lauded song “Piece of Me,” also produced by Bloodshy & Avant and is feted as the most “fierce” and “personal” song on the album, said Entertainment Weekly.

“Blackout” has also managed to get the attention of critics, describing it as “sleek” and “catchy,” according to Jive.

Today, “Gimme More” is powering up the charts since hitting stores last weekend. It is grabbing hold of the global charts at number 3 in the US, while it’s number 1 on iTunes US, Australia and Canada.

It also took a spot in the Top 20 on the European Top 100 Airplay chart making “Gimme More” the biggest all-time hit for Britney since debuting years ago with “Baby One More Time.”

In addition, the song catapulted from 68 to number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, which tracks sales, radio play and other types of demand.

After rumors of a pirated “Gimme More” video turned up on YouTube last week, Jive Records followed suit with release of its version of the steamy strip scene video. Britney handpicked music video director Jake Sarfaty for the job and the label says the concept was all Britney’s from start to finish.

The “Gimme” video features Spears poledancing as brunette Britney wearing tight little black panties attached with black fishnet stockings and a teeny little top. The camera pans back and forth between brunette Britney and her blonde alter ego, who likes to watch brunette Brit pole dance in sexy gyrating movements. The movements are accentuated by tight angled shots and high tech effects to amp up Spears volume in the video.

It is available for $1.99 per download and shot up into the iTunes top five since debuting Friday.

The single also made the Hollywood club scene this weekend.

At a Vanguard club event held in Hollywood this Saturday, DJ FIVESTAR spun his version of the most popular hip hop and pop tunes of the day, catering to a VIP music industry related crowd. During one of the crowd wowing sets, where dancers didn’t rest, he played “Gimme More” to satisfied dancers enjoying the pulsating sound of the catchy song. We took notice of how attendees picked up instantly when it played.

Plus, many teenagers say they like the song too. We’ve spoken to numerous teens (kids at son’s high school), off the record, who claim to like the song’s rhythmic sound.

Worth noting, is the fact that teenagers are probably one of the biggest demographic markets buying downloads today. They just want great songs and are most likely not affected by an artist’s rebellious behavior. Examples of this phenomenon are Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love, and many other rock star types.

Earlier today on Britney’s official website, a quote was posted that read, “You’ll never see it my way, because you’re not me.” We are not sure who posted it, but it has since been removed.

It’s a strange phenomenon as to why so many of the mass public have such intense interest in this one celebrity singer? Is there such a thing as bad publicity for someone like Britney?

We know that bad publicity finally got the best of Michael Jackson, but Spears’ case seems quite different than the King of Pop’s. It would be interesting to see what bloggers would say regarding the differences between Jackson and Spears.

Ultimately, nobody knows where the drama will end, but it is really nice to know that Britney has opened the door to her family’s support. Spears mother Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn Spears landed in Los Angeles on Friday in the middle of the night, trying to avoid the vicious paparazzi’s unrelenting glare, according to numerous sources.

“Brit really needed her mom,” an unknown source told People. “So Lynne flew out and they met.”

As reported by M&C, mom Lynne said last night that, “I just want to say that I love my daughter – very much.”

“Blackout” is slated for a November 13 release in the US.

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