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Emmy 2007 Fashion and Remarks: Smart Women, Smartly Dressed

September 16th, 2007 · No Comments

Stars have much to say and much to show. Keep on Hollywood Today for frequent updates on the 2007 Emmys!

By Chantal Waldholz


HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 9/17/07 – Deep Red ruled the Red Carpet at the 59th Annual Emmy Awards. “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Katherine Heigl, who walked in to win Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, and “Project Runway’s” Heidi Klum sport the color on their lips with old-Hollywood glamour. Heigl works the carpet with a delicate, white dress made by Zac Posen. Fox asked Heigl what she wants to attempt next with all of her success, she says, “Produce! I’ve wanted to produce for ten years and now I’m finally getting there!”

Another “Grey’s” beauty, Ellen Pompeo, wore a sleek, black dress accentuated with a small gold centered belt made by Michael Kors. Pompeo called Kors her boyfriend and said, “I have a fiancée and a boyfriend. You know, I’m a smart girl!”

Smart girls are what all of these ladies seem to be. Edie Falco revealed to Fox that she will be joining “30 Rock.” In an angelic white and gold gown, Marcia Cross from “Desperate Housewives” revealed some information on the upcoming season. She says, “There are lots of fun new characters. We have a new male couple on the street.”

Klum looked radiant in Couture Dior. In a deep red dress with a long leg slit in the front, she says about her nomination for “Project Runway,” “It’s the third time that we’re here so maybe we’ll get lucky tonight.”

Red wasn’t the only glamorous color. Ellen Degeneres wore a purple suit made by Gucci alongside her girlfriend, Portia De Rossi, who sported a royal blue gown with a diamond neckline made by Azzaro. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss also sported a beautiful rich purple gown.

From purple to black, “My Name Is Earl” star, Jaime Pressly wore a St. John Couture black-metallic dress with Jimmy Choo shoes. “Grey’s Anatomy” star, Sandra Oh, also took part in a long black dress with a pink sheer trimmed top.

As for the boys, when questioned about his tuxedo by Fox, “Monk” star, Tony Shalhoub said, ““Are you implying that it’s the same tux every year? Because you’re probably right.”

Hugh Laurie from “House” was more concentrated on the whole aspect of the show. He says, “I was just thinking about the scale of this whole thing. It’s made to make everyone feel very tiny.” He explained that he didn’t have a speech planned, but jokingly would read a speech by Henry V.

From a fictional doctor to real judges, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson had a couple things to say to their close friend, Ryan Seacrest. While Jackson said, “We just want to be here for Ryan,” Cowell had a tip for Seacrest. He said, “Don’t talk a lot!”

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